Zero tour - Umbria and Tuscany by electric motorbike

A tour of almost 500 km between Tuscany and Umbria to test the Zero Motorcycles and the travel experience on an electric motorcycle.

Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles travel itinerary tourism
Zero Motorcycles - SR / F

A weekend of folds, many kilometers and just as much fun between Tuscany and Umbria, to try 3 models of Zero Motorcycles and more.

Our tour has been planned above all to understand how an electric motorcycle trip is planned, what are the differences, the pros and cons compared to the usual trip with a thermal engine.

Content index

  1. The itinerary between Tuscany and Umbria
  2. Top-ups and autonomy management
  3. Zero Motorcycles
    1. SR / F the naked
    2. DSR Black Forest
  4. Conclusions

Thanks to the support of Stefano Martini ed E-Motion Italy, one of the main Zero Motorcycles dealers, we were able to test two of the flagship models of the Californian house in the same weekend, and with his support we removed any doubts about electric mobility and the possibility of travel with zero emissions.

Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles travel itinerary tourism
Zero Motorcycles - SR / F

From Florence to Perugia

The chosen itinerary, avoiding the motorways, allowed us to better plan the “electric” trip. Starting from Prato we immediately headed towards the splendid Tuscan roads of Chianti, both to avoid the traffic of Firenze, that to immediately enjoy the performance of the SR / F, a naked that does not look anyone in the face for acceleration and braking. Between vineyards, hills and many curves we cross the villages of the street Chianti area, paying attention to autonomy from time to time. We turn towards Arezzo, also because being in 3 motorcycle, we need to find at least two charging stations.

And in "that while" we take the opportunity to take a break, a quick lunch and recharge ourselves with energy to continue towards Perugia. I have to be honest, if it weren't for the beautiful places and the many things to see along the way, this "silent" and very sporty guide, I start to like it and the vein of "I want to play again" begins to pulsate.

Leaving Arezzo, we roll back to the south and Fabrizio Meoni sees us pass a little upset in his Castiglion Fiorentino. After a few kilometers we arrive in Perugia, not without having a snack (practically a dinner) at Berti mill, at the gates of the city, between cold cuts and bruschetta with the various oils they produce. From here we leave in the morning to return to Toscana but from the splendid Val D'Orcia and without disturbing we cross the villages of Chianciano Terme, Pienza, San Quirico D'Orcia up to Siena for a short safety charge.

Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles travel itinerary tourism
Zero Motorcycles - DSR Black Forest

Top-ups and Autonomy

Riding an electric bike is scary only at the beginning, when you still don't know how good and strong these bikes are. The engine gives real super sports emotions, helping a lot even in braking, the chassis does the rest. Obviously, everything has its impact on autonomy: if you go fast, you consume more, on the contrary you go further.

We have covered over 450 km there and back, spending only 18 euros for recharges in total (for 3 bikes). The two motorcycles tested have an autonomy that exceeds 200km, based on consumption and how much you let your pulse "go". On balance we could have reached Perugia in complete tranquility, but we had so much fun that we opened the throttle, or rather the watts, at every bend and straight.

Thanks to the different apps available, we always found the recharging points we needed and once in Perugia we stayed at Best Western Four Towers, very well equipped with charging stations and home to one of the best restaurants in the area. Lots of fun all day and never worry about being "on the ground".

Zero Motorcycles

The American company does passivated giant in the construction of electric motorcycles. By now the different configurations of the various models on sale allow you to exceed 200 km of autonomy with the utmost ease, without sacrificing fun, and new set-ups and accessories for longer distances and ever faster charging times.

Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles travel itinerary tourism
Zero Motorcycles - SR / F

SR / F

The American naked is very well made from an aesthetic and ergonomic point of view, presenting itself with a very captivating line and a “thousand” look. Many have asked us "but how much is the displacement"? And our response arrived on time at the exit of the corners and in the straight, where overtaking is like launches into space and the disconnected re-entry into the atmosphere. Being a naked, the hospitality on board is not that of a sofa but we were comfortable enough all the time, taking advantage of the glove compartment that is located in place of the fuel tank for small things and tying a small bag on the passenger seat. there are no hot pots!

DSR Black Forest

Born to travel far and for adventure, as in Thomas trip throughout Africa, the DSR Black Forest proved to be comfortable, agile and at the same time a lot of fun. Despite a tourer set-up and several pieces, the engine and range have always been at the height of the naked SR / F, allowing us to cross Tuscany and Perugia with a good pace and lots of luggage loaded on top.

Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles travel itinerary tourism enel-x
Zero Motorcycles - SR / F charging with Enel-X

Traveling with zero emissions

We can therefore conclude that traveling with electric motorcycles is absolutely feasible. Thanks to the apps and dedicated sites, it is now very easy to find many recharging points, making travel planning a breeze. Of course, you can't always go blindly and / or on the adventure "the gas station attendant is", but you can easily travel the world with your own cables for the charging stations (now they are everywhere) and / or with those for normal power outlets.

I assure you that the pleasure of driving in silence, hearing the wind and the sounds of nature, will make you pass the desire to go fast and return to the busy cities.

For information and configurations of the various models you can find everything on the website of E-Motion Italy e Zero Motorcycles.