Yamaha presents 2 new electric vehicles

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eBike Booster Easy and electric S-pedelec Booster

Yamaha launches two new electric models for urban mobility. The eBike Booster Easy and the S-pedelec Booster, both available from summer 2023.

Launched in early 2022, Yamaha's Switch ON strategy marks the beginning of an exciting new era in the design and production of a new generation of electric vehicles.

Many commuters are now actively seeking zero-emission personal transport options, and Yamaha's growing range of electric vehicles offer clean, reliable and efficient solutions for city commuting, leisure and sporting activities.

The new Booster Easy and Booster models

The two new models from Yamaha, the eBike Booster Easy and the S-Pedelec Booster, have been developed in Europe to meet the rapidly growing demand for clean, quiet and convenient means of transport for the urban environment. A few decades ago, the legendary scooter Yamaha's BW's, along with the best-selling MBK Booster model, have captivated a generation of young riders looking for fun and freedom on two wheels. Powered by a class-leading Yamaha drive unit and featuring a timeless chassis design, the new Booster electric models are engineered to offer an easy, enjoyable and convenient way to get around with zero emissions.

Booster Easy and Booster: What's the difference?

The new Yamaha Booster Easy and Booster models look virtually identical and are technically very similar as they share the same design. The difference lies in their performance: The Booster Easy is an eBike with a maximum speed of 25 km/h with pedal assistance, while the Booster is an S-pedelec or moped electric, intended for holders of an AM license or higher, which can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h with pedal assistance.

Comfortable and agile, perfect for urban mobility

The Booster models represent the new generation of urban mobility and are among the most affordable two-wheelers available today. Driving comfort on rough roads is ensured by large 20″ x 4″ tires that provide excellent grip on various road surfaces. The adjustable saddle allows riders of different heights to find the ideal riding position, while the fork, together with the high-profile tires absorb shocks well, and absorb the irregularities of the road surface. A robust and simple chassis design, with a unique cast aluminum front section allows for comfortable entry, while ensuring a low center of gravity for good maneuverability, making this zero emission two-wheeler the smartest way to get around.

Yamaha has 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-end drive units for eBikes and the Booster models are equipped with the latest PWseries S2 engine, which is one of the most sophisticated in its class. Developed according to the “less is more” philosophy, the silent PWseries S2 drive unit is extremely light and compact, weighing just 2,85 kg.

Both models, Booster Easy and Booster, are equipped with a 36V battery with 630Wh capacity which powers the PWseries S2 drive unit immediately and reliably. The quick release unit is positioned in the center for easy access and also to centralize mass so you can better maneuver the vehicle. The battery can be charged both on-site and off-vehicle if removed.