Yamaha 700 Tracer and Niken GT

EICMA 2019 - We interviewed Fabrizio Corsi, who told us all the news of the New Tracer 700 and the strengths of the Niken GT

Yamaha presented the new TRACER 2019 at Eicma 700 and Fabrizio Corsi briefly tells us about it together with the Niken GT, the multi-wheel equipped for touring.

For 2020 Yamaha offers one of the most interesting and attractive ranges in the segment sports touring with a range of unique and distinctive models from 1300cc to 700cc such as FJR, NIKEN and Tracer.

Each motorcycle Yamaha Sport Touring has the potential to give rider and passenger a new destination, every day. Everything is possible, the only limit is the rider's imagination. Driving together through a winding mountain road, heading to the Mediterranean or taking a quick Sunday hike with a group of friends, these are special memories that will never be forgotten.

The Sport Touring segment offers the full range of driving emotions, from daily to long-distance journeys, from the simplest emotions to dynamic performance, from adrenaline to relaxing tours. Yamaha works hard to give everyone the opportunity to start a new journey and discover their own "Roads of Life".

New Tracer 700.

A worthy representative of the Yamaha Sport Touring family, universally appreciated for exceptional sporting performance and the ability to excel in any situation, the new Tracer 700 it is built to exceed expectations in every respect.

Powered by the first Euro5 version of the legendary 2cc CP689 twin-cylinder engine, the 2020 model takes the sport tourer concept to the next level. With the new dynamic look and best-in-class power-to-weight ratio - along with improved ergonomics and more advanced overall specs - the Tracer 700 is designed to deliver thrills.

It's a true 7 days a week bike that loves to play hard and go fast on weekends. Tracer 7 draws curves, accelerates the heart rate and injects adrenaline into the rider. Then, when it's time to get back to reason on Monday mornings, the versatile Sport Tourer has what it takes for commute long range and city driving.

new tracer 700 yamaha
New Yamaha Tracer 700

Main features Tracer 700

  • New half fairing with aggressive double headlight
  • Thrilling 689 cc CP2 engine, full of torque and Euro 5 approved
  • The lightest in its category, best weight / power ratio
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Aerodynamic screen with one-hand adjustment
  • Dominant and ergonomic driving position
  • Contoured seat for rider and passenger comfort
  • The 17-liter tank offers considerable autonomy
  • Negative LCD instrumentation
  • Compact LED indicators integrated into the handguards.

Colors and availability

Tracer 700 will be available in Icon Gray; Sonic Gray; and Phantom Blue and in Yamaha dealers starting February 2020.

New NIKEN GT: it's always a season of curves

The NIKEN concept won over most of the riders who weren't afraid to open their minds to try something really new. Designed to face hostile conditions, NIKEN ideally adapts to all climates, in all seasons, even on the most challenging mountain routes.  

Equipped with a series of special equipment, the new NIKEN GT adds a touch of practicality to the 3-wheel concept, expanding the range of action of the bike to the need for long-distance touring, with high levels of comfort for rider and passenger.

The high windshield of the NIKEN GT increases protection from wind and atmospheric agents, and the special design of the comfortable saddle enhances the touring experience. The semi-rigid side bags in ABS25 liters are light, compact and easy to use, while the base of the luggage rack incorporates the grab handles for the passenger, for even more comfort.   

Heated pilot grips add comfort in all weather conditions and the temperature appears on the instrument display. There is also a 12 volt auxiliary outlet for charging electrical devices. The GT model is equipped with a central stand which facilitates parking and maintenance operations chain and tire inspection on longer trips. 

With its innovative 3-wheel design and radical style, NIKEN is always the center of attention, wherever it goes. To make it even more exclusive, the new NIKEN GT is available with two new, exclusive liveries: Nimbus Gray, with black fork legs, and Phantom Blue, with gold-colored fork legs.

Yamaha Niken GT
Yamaha Niken GT

NIKEN GT exclusive features

• High screen

• Comfort saddle

• Heated pilot grips

• Semi-rigid 25 liter ABS side bags

• Roof rack with integrated passenger grab handles

• Central stand

• Second 12v socket

• Dedicated liveries and painting of fork legs

General overview of the Sport Touring range

The revolutionary 3 wheels Niken e NIKEN GT are taking the sport touring experience into new territory. The front wheels that lean up to 45 ° offer the most extraordinary experience in drawing curves, and the feeling of grip and stability makes them protagonists in all seasons.

Long-range models FJR1300A / AE / AS have acquired the status of legend among the most experienced pilots. For twenty years, these prestigious high-performance models have established themselves for their ability to cover great distances in total comfort.

Powered by a torque-rich 3-cylinder engine and featuring a compact, lightweight chassis, the Tracer 900 e Tracer 900GT combine thrilling performance with exceptional versatility. With a selection of 2-cylinder, 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder engines - chain drive or shaft drive - 2 or 3 wheels - only Yamaha can give each customer the maximum freedom of choice.

Accessories Yamaha originals

Yamaha has developed a collection of Genuine Accessories for the Sport Touring range, with components that enhance performance, comfort, aesthetics and allow each rider to create their own unique bike. Customers can choose each individual component, or they can save time and money by opting for one of Yamaha's special packages, designed to meet different needs. Find complete information on www.yamaha-motor.eu

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