Passo delle Erbe: from Chiusa to Val Badia

Passo delle Erbe, open almost all year round, is one of the most popular passes in the Dolomites. It starts from Chiusa, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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Passo delle Erbe connects Valle Isarco with Val Badia: a very scenic and undemanding pass, perfect for motorcycles or bicycles.

Passo delle Erbe starts from Chiusa or Bressanone, just over 2.000 meters above sea level and reaches a plateau much appreciated for walking. The road surface is well maintained but attention must be paid to some bottlenecks along the way.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.003
Length 41 Km
connection Closed - San Martino in Badia
Number of hairpin bends 31
Winter closure From November to April on the Bressanone side
Road conditions and notes Very good

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The Passo delle Erbe

Il Herb Pass starts from Chiusa (Klausen), a small and splendid village in the Isarco Valley. The road continues west into the Val di Funes. The climb narrows and then widens again when it joins the road that goes up from Bressanone. The scenery is truly spectacular The Dolomites which opens as you go up.

From the archaeological finds that have emerged it is likely that the pass was already used in Roman times. Unfortunately the stone bearing the inscriptions was damaged during the works. At the top of the pass is the Utia Borz refuge, with excellent cuisine and very crowded in summer.


Together with its surroundings consisting of the villages of Barbiano, Velturno e Villanderer, Chiusa è is also known as "the city of artists", A place rich in history, art and culture, nominated in 2002 by the association of the same name as one of the" most beautiful villages in Italy ".

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Sabiona Monastery - Ph. Florian Andergassen

The village is located a few kilometers from the Brenner motorway, in the Isarco Valley, about ten kilometers south of Bressanone. Symbol of the territory of Chiusa is the Sabiona Monastery, on the homonymous mountain, a Benedictine abbey that has dominated the city for centuries. The historic center of the village is picturesque and charming, ideal for a walk through narrow alleys, sumptuous buildings and shops, and to enjoy a coffee with a slice of strudel in one of the many places with pleasant outdoor tables.

The town is very popular also in autunno with a riot of colors, pleasant temperatures, peasant delicacies in the cellar and on the table. After the first cold comes "theIndian summer”, Which is a period of mild temperatures and good weather that usually lasts until 7 November.

Advice and information

For those wishing to try the variant from Bressanone, known as Brixener Dolomitenstrasse, do not forget to also visit the historic center, characterized by arcades, alleys, bridges and parks.

For those who want to indulge in a weekend of good wine, regional flavors and well-being, we recommend two excellent facilities near Chiusa:

Hotel Gnolhof ****, located along the winding road that runs alongside the farms and vineyards of Chiusa. Set on a sunny hill, 1.160 meters above the sea, it offers a panoramic outdoor swimming pool, wellness area with sauna, excellent cuisine with regional specialties and selected wines. For information

Hotel Gnollhof
Hotel Gnollhof

Hotel Spitalerhof *** S, in the heart of the Val d'Isarco wine area. This is a wine estate and hotel for gourmets, specially designed for wine lovers. Recently renovated, in addition to the suites with loggia, it also offers two enchanting ones barrel-shaped garden accommodations with private patios in pine wood and whirlpool tub. Possibility of wine tastings of their own estate. For information

Spitalerhof Hotel
Spitalerhof Hotel

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