Wunderlich: accessories for the BMW R nineT

Wunderlich offers three accessories for the BMW R nineT: the old school look side bags, the rally-style headlight and the 21-inch spoked front wheel.

Wunderlich for BMW R nineT
Wunderlich for BMW R nineT

BMW R nineT even more beautiful and customizable with Wunderlich accessories.

The German company offers three items that make the R nineT even more attractive and aggressive: the side bags from the look old school, Lighthouse in rally style and the front wheel 21-inch spokes.

MAMMUT side bags for BMW R nineT

Wunderlich for BMW R nineT Mammuth bag
Wunderlich for BMW R nineT Mammuth bag

The MAMMUT by Wunderlich side bag dedicated to the BMW R nineT (the same for the right and left side) is a product that we could certainly define as “classic”, handmade and designed with great care and love for detail.

Made of waxed cotton, it is not only comfortable for luggage, but also gives the BMW R nineT a decidedly seductive and timeless look. The genuine leather finishes emphasize its luxury and quality while the strong and durable interior lining helps make it even more robust. A zipper with zip and two leather straps allow it to be closed in a totally secure way, without ever putting aside style. The capacity of the single bag is 9,5 liters and what it contains can be protected from the raging of atmospheric agents by purchasing part of the internal bags totally impermeable to water.

The MAMMUT saddlebag (s), classic and very current together, are fixed to thin steel supports by LOXX studs, safe and easy to use, beautiful to look at even without the bags. The MAMMUT bag can be mounted both on the right and on the left and is on sale at the price of Euro 204,94 (VAT included) excluding supports and accessories for assembly, sold separately.


Wunderlich for BMW R nineT SixDays headlight
Wunderlich for BMW R nineT SixDays headlight

The additional SixDays headlight (Art.30476-000) by Wunderlich mounted on the crash bar of the BMW R nineT offers lighting far superior to the standard one and is absolutely beautiful to look at.

Features at a glance:

  • It ensures a better view and you are perceived much better by other users
  • Beautiful and timeless design
  • Yellow film included
  • Headlight diameter: 155mm
  • Easy and safe mounting on the crash bar by means of a clamp
  • Bulb H3-12 Volt-55 Watt, parking bulb 12 Volt-4 Watt, wiring harness, switch and holder included

The retail price is € 275,78 (VAT included).

KIT for 21 inch Front Wheel

Wunderlich for BMW R nineT front wheel 21 "
Wunderlich for BMW R nineT front wheel 21 ″

The 21-inch front wheel is the true "trademark" of any motorcycle enduro and those who use this type of motorcycle, both on the road and off-road, appreciate its great advantages as the large diameter allows the vehicle to absorb the irregularities and roughness of the terrain much better.

With the 21-inch wheel dedicated by Wunderlich to the BMW R nineT (Art.44121-000) the bike is significantly more stable and capable of greater control when proceeding on off-road routes, especially on sandy surfaces. or muddy, but also when crossing stretches of damaged asphalt and full of holes. Furthermore, and absolutely important, the structure of the 21-inch wheel has been designed in such a way that the advantages that characterize it off-road do not compromise the dynamics of driving on the road.

The 19-inch front wheel with which BMW equips the R nineT Scrambler and Urban G / S as standard is the synthesis required by mass production. With the modification proposed by Wunderlich, of course, not only are the dynamic advantages mentioned above, but also the line of the two different versions of the R nineT becomes consistent with that of a real enduro, without any compromise.

In addition to the 21-inch cross-spoke wheel (which allows the use of tubeless tires), the Wunderlich kit includes the crown with ABS (specially developed for the braking system with ABS already provided as standard), the "SIXDAYS" mudguard and everything needed for assembly, including instructions, of course.

The 21-inch front wheel KIT is TUV approved. The retail price of the 21-inch enduro front wheel KIT is € 1393,26 (VAT included).

Note: The processing of the 21-inch enduro front wheel necessarily requires the shock absorber kit capable of creating a rise and a greater space of 50 mm (cost € 2.100 including VAT)

For more information: Wunderlich GmbH

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