Colle della Lombarda by motorbike

Colle della Lombarda connects the Tinèe valley, a tributary of the Var, with the Stura di Demonte valley, a tributary of the Tanaro.

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The Colle della Lombarda is considered a challenging pass and itinerary, due to the hairpin bends, the slopes and the width of the road.

The pass is located on the border between Italy and France. It is not very busy but due to its characteristics it requires a lot of attention and prudence. On the contrary, it will give you truly unforgettable views and photos.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.350
Length 44 Km
connection vinadium (Italy) - Island (France)
Number of hairpin bends 80
Winter closure From November to May
Road conditions and notes Good asphalt, very narrow road at times.

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The pass connects the Tinèe valley, a tributary of the Var, with the Stura di Demonte, a tributary of the Tanaro.

The road from Vinadio (CN)

Starting from vinadio, take the SP255 heading south, through dense woods. A real dip in nature, a breath of fresh air and fresh air, especially in midsummer. Going up towards the mountains, one cannot fail to notice the magnificent complex that rises from the mountains, or the Sanctuary of Sant'Anna di Vinadio, dating back to the seventeenth century and considered the highest in Europe (it is located at 2.035 meters above sea level).

The ascent to the hill constitutes one of the most suggestive climbs in the Alps. As you go up the vegetation disappears and the stage opens up on the majesty of the chain mountainous. The pass looks like a plateau and here, immersed in silence and a few meters from the sky, you can take wonderful photos and admire who has the strength to reach your position by bike.

Useful tips and variations

Once you have crossed the border, you can stop and maybe have lunch at Insulated 2000, a ski resort located in the Val di Ciastiglione in the French municipality of Isola. Built in the 70s, it lacks an architecture that does not blend well with the place but enjoys a privileged position both for the weather and for the view: on the clearest days you can even see the Côte d'Azur.

From here you can also hook up with others itineraries such as Colle di Nava, Col de Turini and Colle della Fauniera.

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