WHIP the GPS app for on and off-road navigation and tracking

Whip is the GPS app dedicated to those who travel and love adventure with many functions such as live tracking and on and off-road navigation.

Whip app gps gpx tracks tracking motorcycle bike running trekking

Since 2023 WHIP has been the official partner of Moto Excape for the creation and sharing of its itineraries on the Italian reference portal for motorcycle tourism.

Thanks to the all-Italian start-up devoted to adventure, all the on-road and off-road itineraries you find on our site will be "mapped" with Whip, with the possibility, for registered users, to save the routes and download the gpx files .

WHIP was born in 2017 with the idea of ​​bringing to two-wheel enthusiasts a valid tool not only for to track own activities or explore routes, but also to cover those security needs that all sportsmen have during their outings. In this respect, WHIP provides the More complete Live Tracking on the market directly through the app. Whip app gps gpx tracks tracking motorcycle bike running trekking

Main functions

  • Real-time tracking with telemetric accuracy. WHIP LIVE tracks 4 to 20x more metrics than other apps.
  • Challenge your friends and other users on a particular route or section. For each segment you will find rankings to the tenth of a second, divided by type of activity.
  • Be guided through any on-road or off-road trail with turn-by-turn voice navigation for riders and runners.
  • Analyze your performance with statistics designed for your specific type of business. Relive your ride on the map with precise elevation.
  • Find bike routes, motorcycle and feet; divided by difficulty, type of discipline, average height difference, etc.
  • Export any route recorded on WHIP LIVE in GPX format.
  • Send an automatic message to selected contacts if you are stuck in one place for more than a certain amount. of time.
  • Connect with fellow motorcycle, bike and racing enthusiasts.
  • Send a message to whoever you want with your position updated in real time on the HD map.
  • Enjoy total freedom in planning a route using way points and our points of interest.
  • Sync WHIP LIVE with major tracking apps and devices like STRAVA, Garmin and Apple Watch.Whip app gps gpx tracks tracking motorcycle bike running trekking

For info and downloads visit the website whip.live

Since 2019, the same Live Tracking has been used in sporting events of all kinds, and since then, updates and developments have improved all its features, up to today where, together with endu ed IMF, the most effective Live Tracking service via smartphone on the market has been created.

Lato consumer, a very large community was born where people can share routes, information, photos, workouts and adventures not only for activities such as enduro but also for those who practice cycling, hiking or simply prefer asphalt.

  • N° Total Registered Users: 150K
  • No. of Tracked Activities: 1.6MLN
  • Number of kilometers tracked: 25MLN
  • No. of Routes Created with WHIP LIVE: 500K
  • Average rating on the App Store and Play Store: 4,7/5