Step 2 - What is allowed to do

Here are the innovations introduced by the DPCM of 26 April 2020 for phase 2: Conte allows a slow and rigid return to normality.

Coronavirus Pandemic Count Phase 2 Relocations
Here are the innovations introduced by the DPCM of 26 April 2020 for phase 2

Maintaining social distances: Conte launches the new measures of phase 2

We begin to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel and Italy is preparing to start the 2 phase. Virologists, mayors and the government have discussed a lot about the starting date of this important phase. But the car of our country - slowly - must be restarted, for this reason it is time to warm up the engine.

The premier, before indicating the new measures, makes things clear: there is the possibility of falling back into the nightmare of Covid-19. For this it is necessary to maintain the established social distances (at least 1 meter). “If you love Italy - says Conte - keep your distance. The government will also have to be ready to intervene if the epidemiological curve should rise ”. Therefore, the phase of "coexistence with the new coronavirus" begins.

Here is the dpcm valid from 4 to 18 May.

Face Masks

The masks will become mandatory for taking public transport, on board airplanes, on trains, on buses and in closed places. In any case, when it is not possible to maintain the distance of one meter.


From 4 May, the self-certification obligation remains for travel within the Municipality or the Region. The form will change and there will be many more possibilities to move within your municipality and region. However, it is not yet possible to move from one region to another. Announcements: it is possible to move from the place where you are to that of domicile or residence. Students or workers or anyone else stuck in another city by the lockdown can then return home.

The self-certification remains, precisely for fear that many people, seeing the easing of the measures on May 4th, believe that the emergency is over. The document that will allow our movements, as well as containing how "Justifications" work, health, state of need, will see a fourth: visit to relatives.


Authorization arrives to see close family members, parents, sisters, brothers and grandparents. But beware: this does not mean that family celebrations and reunions are allowed. On the contrary, you have to pay the utmost attention and wear the mask.

Access to parks and public villas granted always in compliance with the rules of safety and distance.

Take-away bars and restaurants only

Pending the reopening of bars and restaurants (probably not before the end of May / beginning of June), the possibility of catering with the modalities of takeaway sales as well as home delivery. "But no one thinks that gatherings are allowed in front of the exercises", Conte underlines: "It will be necessary to get in line, enter one at a time and the food will be consumed at home, not in front of the restaurant.

Shops on May 18th

For retail businesses the reopening is scheduled for 18 May. Same date for exhibitions e museums. At the request of the Technical-Scientific Committee, it was decided to schedule 14-day reopening steps to verify the effects of each reopening.

Hairdressers, barbers and beauty (and other personal care) centers are expected to reopen on 1 June.

Wholesale production activities

The calendar for the restart of production activities has been confirmed. On May 4th we will start with the sector manufacturing, building e yards, functional wholesale to these supply chains. All safety regulations must be observed.

Funeral ceremonies

From 4 May the funeral can be celebrated again, but only with close family members, no more than 15 people, and everyone will have to wear a mask. On the other hand, masses cannot be celebrated.

Outdoor sports

The resumption of sporting activity will be allowed no longer only near one's home, but even a few blocks away. It is mandatory to always remain alone oa distance from each other by two meters, with the sole exception of people living in the same house. Green light also tophysical activity with children or to walks with non self-sufficient people.

They will be able to resume training even professional athletes of the activities identified by Coni, respecting the rules of distancing and training behind closed doors. The team sports, on the other hand, will resume on 18 May.


In the meantime, the strict monitoring of the situation will remain active and vigilant to understand whether the permits granted are compatible with the fight against the pandemic and with the common sense and understanding of citizens. Three days after the decree, "the Minister of Health will indicate the sentinel thresholds to intervene in critical situations circumscribed territorially and turn off the taps". If things do not go, then, a return to lockdown is possible.


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