VIDEO: Airoh REV 19 Test and Review

Airoh Rev 19 - Video review by Gio Sorrentino and Fabio Capone after many days and many kilometers of intensive use on the road.

Airoh Rev 19, tested for over 4.500 km and 21 days on the road: here is our video review.

Our friend Gio Sorrentino has already been the protagonist of the first unboxing di Moto Excape, of the Locatelli modular flip-up helmet, the REV 19.

Today he joined us at Bormio, one of the stops on our summer tour, to let us know how he found himself and what he thinks of this beautiful modular with a cutting-edge and very practical mechanism.

“A very comfortable, enveloping helmet that transmits safety, both closed and open. Ready for bluetooth and intercom, it has both a retractable sun visor, Maverick effect, that the anti-fog Pinlock lens inside the package. Safety has its weight and feels, but the aerodynamic study done in the wind tunnel, avoids that there are strange pressures at high speeds. The helmet is not very silent, especially on the motorway, but not too noisy for a modular: in all conditions I was able to regularly talk to the bluetooth system without listening problems. " Gio Sorrentino


Airoh Helmets Rev 19 Modular Helmet
Airoh Helmets Rev 19 Modular Helmet

REV 19 combines the full-face version with the jet version in a single, dynamic and modern model, capable of adapting to any driving condition and to any need for safety and comfort. The 2-in-1 model, made of thermoplastic, integrates the best of both helmets, such as the extra Wide visor for better active safety, the retractable sun visor, Stop Wind and predisposition for mounting systems Bluetooth.

The convenience of the REV 19, from a touring point of view, is represented by the flip-up which allows a 180 ° rotation of the chin guard, thus passing from the protection of the full-face helmet to the "cool" but still protective touring Jet helmet. In fact, we remind you that the REV 19 enjoys the double P / J homologation.

Sharp's evaluation criteria are very strict and, being able to obtain a result like that obtained by REV 19 by AIROH, is synonymous with a guarantee for a truly efficient and safe product: the level of protection offered, in the event of a crash, was excellent in the front and rear, very good on the side.

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