Journey through the Castles of Saxony

Saxony by motorbike: beautiful roads and castles with a unique charm in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany on the border with the Czech Republic.

Albrechtsburg saxony motorbike bike tour itinerary route journey
Albrechtsburg in Meissen - Ph. Canva

Saxony, a land of history, culture and nature. Here is a motorcycle itinerary to discover the most fascinating castles in the heart of Germany.

In Saxony a porcelain nicknamed "white gold" is produced, fine wines, Glashütte watches and it is the lander with the largest number of steam railways. Saxony is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany to discover by motorbike.

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  1. Moritzburg Castle
  2. Zwinger Palace
  3. The castles of Dresden
  4. Klaffenbach Castle
  5. Königstein Fortress
  6. One pass for everything

ll tour of the Saxon castles it crosses the entire region from Leipzig to the Ore Mountains. Majestic places where time has stood still, where to stay overnight and stay at the king's court, taste the best gastronomic specialties, get to the heart of the Baroque era and participate in exclusive music festivals.

Moritzburg saxony motorbike bike tour itinerary route travel
Moritzburg Castle - Ph. Arvid Müller

Moritzburg Castle

The prestigious one is held at Moritzburg Castle in August Moritzburg Festival, to listen to classical music concerts in a fairytale open air scenario. Immersed in the nature of the great Moritzburg park and surrounded by a body of water, this festival in which solo musicians from all over the world participate, to perform the timeless music of the most illustrious composers (L. van Beethoven, Ravel, Schubert, Mozart, Rossini, Brahms and many others), is a must for music lovers, but also a 'excellent opportunity to visit the castle and its rich halls. A gem not to be missed while visiting the park is definitely the "Castelletto of the pheasants”, A beautiful building with a marina miniature and a delightful Rococo-style lighthouse.

Zwinger saxony motorbike bike tour itinerary route journey
Zwinger Palace in Dresden - Ph. Marcel Quietzsch

Zwinger Palace

The Zwinger is one of the most famous Baroque buildings in the Germany. With the porcelain collection, the Mathematical-Physical Hall and the Pinacoteca degli Antichi Masters, it hosts three museums world famous as well as being a stage for theatrical and musical events all year round. From 30 June 2021 opens the Zwinger Xperience multimedia experience pavilion, through which guests can immerse themselves in the years of the majestic Baroque era using panoramic projections and virtual reality stations. From May to October then, the orange trees give the courtyard a suggestive Mediterranean charm.

The castles of Dresden

In Dresden on the right bank of the Elbe, immersed in a unique position and surrounded by a beautiful landscape, three magnificent residences were built: the Albrechtsberg Castle, Lingnerschloss and Eckberg Castle. The latter also offers overnight stays to guests, in elegant 4-star superior rooms or in comfortable three-star rooms in the ancient stables.

The Castle is also served by an excellent restaurant: whether you dine in the historic hall or in the winter garden with ceiling-high Gothic windows, the view is truly magnificent over the Elbe River, the historic city of Dresden and the distant city of Dresden. Switzerland Saxon. For more information on the 5-star Castello Hotel Eckberg and the 3-star Kavaliershaus visit

Klaffenbach saxony motorbike bike tour itinerary route travel
Klaffenbach Castle - Ph S. Rose

Klaffenbach Castle

Located south of Chemnitz, Klaffenbach Castle, famous for its architectural curves, is a Renaissance pearl that seems to float weightlessly on the river. Couples here can also get married in the fairytale setting of the wedding hall, guarded by the ghost of the Maiden of Taube. A legend has it that her father walled her up alive in the castle tower because she refused an arranged marriage proposal. The other rooms are used for the display of exhibitions and events. In this picturesque atmosphere you can also stay overnight at theKlaffenbach castle hotel equipped with comfortable rooms and suites, a restaurant and a café with terrace. For leisure, next to the hotel there is an 18-hole golf course, a riding stable, the castle park, the playground and a bicycle rental service.

Königstein saxony by motorbike bike tour itinerary route travel
Königstein Fortress - Ph. B. Fischer

Königstein Fortress

Do not miss Königstein Fortress in Saxon Switzerland, which is neither a castle nor a palace, but is one of the largest rock fortresses in Europe, with an impressive ensemble of late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and XNUMXth century buildings, is effortlessly accessible with the panoramic lift.

One pass for everything

The Saxony region boasts 50 fairytale residences to visit, including historic palaces and castles, monasteries, cones and fortresses. With the tit was schloesserland-PASS (at a cost of 20 euros for 10 days or 40 euros for the whole year) entry to these homes is always free. For info on castles, parks and all the residences to visit in Saxony