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From the dream, the heart and the hopes of 4 young people comes “Road to Norway”, a short film, a motorcycle trip, a challenge, an adventure.

From the dream, the heart and the hopes of 4 young people comes “Road to Norway”, a short film, a motorcycle trip, a challenge, an adventure.

Summer 2018 - 14 days - 7469 km - 4 classic Triumphs - 4 friends and the heart of an "angel" - Here is the story of Lorenzo Benatti

The trip we made this summer, to Norway, specifically to the Lofoten Islands, did not turn out to be a simple trip between friends.
ROAD TO NORWAY is a message from Speranza, for an hymn to life.
It all started with a promise made to a friend Davide on the eve of her delicate heart transplant which took place in November 2016.
road to norway born for the motorcycle lofoten norwayWe wanted to keep that promise at all costs, we did it, we celebrated his new life, but we also wanted to honor his Guardian angel, which allowed him to continue living, to the family of this angel, to all the doctors and nurses who work daily, with passion and dedication, to save lives, S. Orsola Polyclinic in Bologna andATCOM Heart Transplant Association, who followed and still follows our friend Davide.
The association that founded and created the TETTO AMICO, is also the only structure in Italy which hosts patients and their families free of charge in the hospital, before - during - after surgery. A great support.
road to norway born for the motorcycle lofoten norwayRoad to Norway has taught us a lot, it has united us even more, it has thrilled us in experiencing it firsthand, but even now it is giving us great emotions in seeing each other again in this short film and in knowing that we are transmitting all our emotions to other people. , grafting in them the healthy message that we wanted to convey from the beginning: "Even after a delicate intervention, we have the right and duty to live our life 100%, honoring those who gave us this new possibility, becoming heralds of how beautiful LIFE is. Donating is essential, giving is life.
7469 Km in 14 days, through 6 countries ( AUSTRIA - GERMANY - DENMARK - NORWAY - SWEDEN - CZECH REPUBLIC), 4 capitals (VIENNA - OSLO - COPENHAGEN - PRAGUE), different microclimates and temperatures, have forged us in the spirit, strengthening us mentally. Davide has shown that nothing can stop us if our head and determination are completely synchronized with each other.
road to norway born for the motorcycle lofoten norwayLa Norway he always gave us breathtaking views, the roads that bypassed the various fjords were splendid. The people in the north behave very well on the street, they made it easier for us to overtake by moving partially or putting out the arrow to warn us that we could overtake. The rest areas were always very assorted, we could find everything, it left me truly amazed in the positive. Norway is a very clean country, people are available to help you, the only "flaw" for us Italians is that it is a very expensive country. An American coffee cost about 4 euros, while petrol costs less than here in Italy.
road to norway born for the motorcycle lofoten norwayArrival at Lofoten Islands it was a magical moment, we knew we had reached our goal in the scheduled days (seven), we were aware that we had kept our promise and that it was time to give a magical moment to our friend Davide, giving him the plaque engraved with the pyrograph with on written: “WHO GIVES THE HEART WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT IT”. When Davide planted it in the ground, in front of the most famous beach in Lofoten, I was moved.
Incredible how fast the weather was changing at that point. We arrived with a beautiful sun, after 1 hour the clouds were almost at street level.
I had heard of Lofoten as an earthly paradise, but I didn't think they were so beautiful. These mountains covered with greenery that overlook lagoons and gulfs of crystalline blue water, are a beautiful sight.
Another exciting moment, as far as I'm concerned, was in Sweden, as soon as we crossed the border we saw the first reindeer crossing the road. Another great emotion. After only 5 km from the first sighting, we were lucky enough to travel 3/4 km with a reindeer that ran in the middle of the road in our direction of travel, taken all with the video camera of course.
road to norway born for the motorcycle lofoten norwayThe nature in those places, you can experience it 100%, especially on a motorcycle. This means that you are able to live unique experiences, which cannot be explained or transmitted, therefore they must be lived.
Along the way, we met many people who were traveling in motorcycle, some Italians, some foreigners. We have always exchanged a few words with everyone, because it is always pleasant to learn and get to know something new. Especially on a trip.
We have taken our message around Europe, with the hope that everyone will treasure it, now and in the future. Good vision!
Lorenzo Benatti - Born for motorcycles
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Videos, photos and texts by Lorenzo Benatti - Narrator: Massimo Bitossi

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