The journey that changes your life: on a motorcycle with the Children of the Fairies

From today Moto Excape also actively supports the company and the people who are part of it such as Claudia, mother and motorcyclist.

A radical adventure, a company that supports families with autism and other disabilities, the commitment and challenge of one fairy in motion.

From Franco and Andrea's motorbike trip, “I Bambini delle Fate” was born, the social enterprise that takes care of insuring Economic support to social inclusion projects and paths managed by local partners for the benefit of families experiencing the challenge of autism and disability.

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  1. The journey of Andrea and Franco
  2. Fairy Children
  3. Claudia's journey
  4. How to join and participate in the "journey"

From today Moto Excape also actively supports the company and the people who are part of it such as Claudia, mother and motorcyclist.

In the journey we are about to tell you there are a father and a son - Franco and Andrea Antonello - it's a Harley Davidson Electra Glide fire red. A three month journey through the United States andLatin america. For this trip Franco brings a bag with a few things. Andre, on the other hand, carries autism.

Franco and Andrea - The Children of the Fairies motorcycle travel harley usa
Franco and Andrea - Children of the Fairies

The journey of Andrea and Franco

When Andrea is 3 years old, his autism diagnosis arrives and Franco enters the storm of despair. For years he pursued all sorts of therapies: traditional, experimental, he even turned to a shaman. Nothing that serves to give him back a carefree life.

“For some journeys you never leave when you leave. We start first. Sometimes much earlier. "

So in the summer of 2010, when Andrea has just turned 18, Franco decides to abandon all the certainties and routines so indispensable for autistic people. Against all medical advice, he crosses the ocean and sets off alone with Andrea, riding the red Harley. No program. No goal. Losing all references to finally be able to find the way.

For three months, riding that Harley, normality is abolished and no one knows who is different. For three months it is Andrea who teaches his father to abandon himself and trust life.

Franco and Andrea - The Children of the Fairies motorcycle travel harley usa
Franco and Andrea - Ph. Children of the Fairies

From travel to business

The journey becomes a book. The book gives unexpected fame. Franco thus has the opportunity to tell on TV, radio and newspapers the dream born of that journey: to give life to a new social, a social 'rock', which guarantees support for children with autism and disabilities, with the entrepreneurial style that belongs and the smile of whoever throws one motorcycle along the road.

This is how they were born "Fairy Children", A social enterprise based in Castelfranco Veneto. They were born with a very specific idea: no sporadic donations, no public funds, no 5 × 1000. Only the responsible commitment of many people who choose to be part of a network that concretely helps their territory, their children, their families. Exactly like an adoption, but with the possibility of experiencing first-hand what is being done, because it is done close to you: an adoption 'by proximity'.

Franco, Andrea and Renzo Rosso - The Children of the Fairies
Franco, Andrea and Renzo Rosso - Ph. Children of the Fairies

I Bambini delle Fate is aimed at individuals, commercial activities, professionals, small and large companies, in a reciprocal exchange: regular donation becomes a way to tell everyone about their corporate social responsibility, guaranteeing continuity to children. and families. All this is made possible by the commitment and work of those in charge and of the 'Fairies': people who, in all Italy, they spend their time, energy and heart on a daily basis to talk about fundraising campaigns and create ever more numerous donor networks.

Claudia's journey

One of these is called Claudia Pirotti and is at the other end of the Po Valley, a Cuneo.
Sweet and joyful as its crackling Suzuki Sv650 “Cream and strawberry”, Claudia grinds kilometers to reach anyone who wishes to know The Children of the Fairies and activate their donation.

Claudia Pirotti fairy children motorcycle travel hands
Claudia Pirotti “Let's get our hands dirty” - Ph. A. Angelucci

Claudia is the mother of Tommaso, Sofia and Francesco, an autistic boy with complex disabilities. As she often says: “Being her mother is one of the most intense and wonderful experiences that can happen in a lifetime. And I want to do my best, spend myself in every way, so that the many "Franci" who live in our cities can have some more opportunities. "

How to support "The Children of the Fairies"

Throughout Italy there are already more than 3600, between individuals and commercial activities, and more than 800 companies that have decided to join in support of "I Bambini delle Fate". A small investment within everyone's reach transforms money into smiles, a gesture into happiness for those who do it and for those who receive it, touching it with hand.

For information on how to "get on the saddle" with us and especially with Claudia, Responsible of "I Bambini delle Fate" for Piedmont and the Liguria, you can write to or connect to the site Fairy Children.