Honda Africa Twin Tour - Journey to the Balkans

Travel with Honda and your Africa Twin from 3 to 18 for the first Africa Twin Tour through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania.

The Trip to Africa Twin in the Balkans
The Trip to Africa Twin in the Balkans

From April 3rd to 18th, hop on your Africa Twin for the first Africa Twin Tour.

A 6 day trip through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania.

Honda offers a new exciting opportunity to those who want to travel on their own african twin: the Africa Twin Tours program. The first edition - from 13 to 18 April 2020 - has the evocative title "Destinazione Balcani".

The passionate owners of the legendary Honda maxienduro will go to explore a little-known area of ​​Europe, where nature, history, food, landscapes and splendid itineraries.

The tour will depart from Bologna on April 13 and - through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania - will end in Bari on 18 April. There will be 6 intense days of motorbike tourism, for a total of 2.500 km, which can be traveled by motorcyclists with any riding ability, even in pairs.

The stages will have a minimum length of 250 km and a maximum of 515 km. The scenery? Among the most beautiful in Eastern Europe: the fragrant forests of Slovenia, the fascinating Balkan highlands, the splendid Sarajevo, the dazzling Croatian coast, the unforgettable fjords of Kotor, the marvelous coastline between Vlora and Saranda and the precious nature reserve of Kombetar Llogara.

Matteo Casuccio Travel Africa Twin Tours Balkans
Matteo Casuccio tour leader of Africa Twin Tours in the Balkans

The Tour Leader will be Matteo Casuccio, a Dakarian expert and traveler, a profound connoisseur of these little-known European nations. Together with him, another expert rider, plus a mechanic and a companion aboard a support van for the transport of extra luggage and a spare Africa Twin. A "zero thoughts" formula, only motorcycle, beautiful roads to drive, places to discover and lots of them safety!

To find out the participation fees, the registration procedures, all the details on the trip and the stages, or to contact the organization, you can visit the page , also reachable from

The initiative is open to owners of Africa Twin 1000cc and the new 1100cc only.


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