Trip to the North Cape by electric motorcycle

More than 7000 km traveled in 21 days to tell an exciting zero-emission journey through Europe with the E-IoParto project.

Orlandi Zero North Head Electric Motorcycle
Miriam Orlandi in the North Cape with the Zero SR / S

Miriam Orlandi riding the Zero Motorcycles SR / S is the first person to reach Nordkapp on an electric motorcycle: more than 7000 km in 21 days.

No pre-established route, a long way to go, few programs to follow and a single certainty: traveling in absolute freedom on an SR / S. With these premises Miriam Orlandi left Brescia on August XNUMXst to face a challenge of thousands of km, demonstrating how sustainable tourism is a concrete and practicable possibility.

The green tour of the Brescia osteopath, baptized E-IoParto, led her in 21 days to unconsciously beat even an incredible record: with more than 7000 km traveled in often unfavorable climatic conditions (they have been registered about 18 rainy days), Miriam was the first rider to arrive at the North Cape with a motorcycle power.

“I arrived here after more than 7000 km traveled, but it was not a set goal. The record to have achieved North Cape for the first time with an electric it is only the result of a motorcycle trip, inspired by the sensations and emotions that each new stage aroused in me ”. The Sparky - the nickname that the SR / S earned during the journey - has therefore proved to be reliable and safe even over long distances, a silent vehicle capable of respectfully crossing the enchanted lands of Northern Europe ".

This is how Miriam describes her relationship with the SR / S: “Riding in silence is common to all motorcycles: when you are in the open field and above 60km / h you do not feel the bike. The silence of an electric motorcycle is the sound of the windand waterfall to whom passivated next to the reindeer bellowing at your arrival. Silence is not the best point, the responsiveness of the bike is. From thought to wrist, from wrist to wheel in a nanosecond. Such a fusion that a sudden braking due to an obstacle in the middle of a blind corner becomes a pleasant surprise: the bike lowers, it sticks to the ground and stops, without getting upset, without panicking.

And then the great encounters… more than once, stopped at the column to recharge, I met other owners of electric vehicles, fantastic and interesting people with whom I spent precious time; some of them even offered to pay for the top-up and to host me for the night ”.

Miriam Orlando

Orlandi Zero North Head Electric Motorcycle
Miriam Orlandi to Krásná Lípa

Miriam, after all, is not new to impossible missions and long motorbike journeys, boasting in this sense a very respectable curriculum: fromArgentina to the far north in Alaska and then again United Arab Emirates e Oman, New Zealand, Australia e Tasmania. Miriam's trip was possible above all thanks to solidarity and mutual support, a message of hope in a Europe crossed by Covid.

In fact, the stops between one stage and another were not consumed in comfortable and luxurious hotels, but at campgrounds o homes of individuals or companies who wanted to help Miriam because they share her values ​​of respect for the environment, hosting her and offering her some electricity to recharge La Sparky; in exchange Miriam has made available her skills as an osteopath and an excellent cook and offered visibility on her social channels, collecting many testimonies.

Il E-IoParto project therefore it does not only tell of a long and adventurous journey, but represents the synthesis of a revolution in progress that culminates in the demand for a world free from pollution, cleaner and more supportive, a motivation that prompted Zero Motorcycles to embrace the project.

Zero Motorcycles SR / S

Orlandi Zero North Head Electric Motorcycle
The Atlantic Road in Norway

In addition to Miriam Orlandi, the other great protagonist of this long journey to the North Cape was the latest addition to Zero Motorcycles, the SR / S. Inspired by the latest generation aerospace design, the new aesthetic of the SR / S gains a fairing devoted to maximum aerodynamic efficiency and is proposed as the electric motorcycle also suitable for covering long distances.

Capable of 190 Nm of torque and 110 horsepower available at the twist of the wrist, the new SR / S offers class-leading performance and efficiency, thanks to ZF 75-10 engine and the 14,4 kWh lithium-ion battery. The compact powertrain boasts innovative air cooling that increases longevity, eliminates most routine maintenance and effortlessly launches the SR / S a 200 km / h top speed. A single charge with the addition of the Power Tank by Zero allows you to cover one distance up to 323 km.

The innovative fast charging system works on the extended and growing network of Level 2 charging stations and offers a platform that allows you to manage up to three independent charging modules. This allows for a unique adaptability and the fastest reloading capability of the Zero range. With all three modules installed, the SR / S can charge 0 to 95% capacity in one hour. The SR / S boasts top-level components including original equipment tires Pirelli DIABLOT M Red III.

Orlandi Zero North Head Electric Motorcycle


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