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OVER2000Riders presents the 2019 calendar of motorcycle adventures, from one-day Easy Tour excursions to longer trips between the Balkans and Morocco.

OVER2000Riders travel 2019 adventouring

From one day Easy Tours to longer journeys with new and fascinating routes such as the unexplored Balkans and the mythical tracks of Morocco.

The 2019 season of tourism-adventure trips signed OVER2000Riders, presents a wide calendar characterized by seven Easy Tour routes, dedicated to less experienced enthusiasts or who want to experience a day trip accompanied by expert guides and seven most challenging journeys, which will lead travelers to discover areas that are still little explored and along fascinating routes, beyond the Italian borders.

ADVENTURE and TOURISM, are the common denominators of all the trips organized by the Turin sports association, which promotes a different sense of traveling on two wheels, a new frontier of motorcycle, as has happened in events for years HAT.

EASY TOUR - Discovering the Piedmont area

The Easy Tours are, as mentioned, day trips dedicated to an audience of less experienced enthusiasts ready to approach this world, or motorcyclists who simply want to spend a day on their motorbike to discover the Piedmontese territories such as Monferrato, the rice fields. between Biella and Vercelli, the Canavese and the Pinerolese Valleys. 'Easy' routes to follow in groups of 10/15 motorcyclists, always accompanied by expert guides and the opportunity to savor the best dishes of the Piedmontese gastronomic tradition. The Easy Tours are organized in collaboration with the BaseLuna Association.

  • Through the Monferrato hills - 7 April and 15 September
  • Monferrato by off-road vehicle - April 28th
  • Between rice fields and castles of Piedmont - 1 May
  • Il Canavese - Western Piedmont - 1st June and 12th October
  • The Pinerolese Valleys - 22 June

TRAVEL - Three trips in evidence: Balkans Challenge, The Pyrenees by XNUMXxXNUMX, Adventouring on the Moroccan tracks

OVER2000Riders travel 2019 adventouringForerunner of the discipline Adventouring, author of the great success of the legendary HARDALPITOUR, today of the entire HAT SERIES calendar, Corrado Capra studies the trips, then organized by a leading tour operator, fielding great experience and continuous and in-depth scouting to discover landscapes and territories, to times still unexplored, to guarantee travelers the opportunity to experience their own motorbike in safety and visiting countries, villages, woods and valleys with landscape, historical and cultural characteristics of absolute charm and exclusivity.

And it is precisely on three of the trips proposed by OVER2000Riders that we want to place a focus, as interpreters of exclusive motorcycle routes and experiences, a mix of travel, culture, tradition to live together with travel companions animated by the same passion and the desire to discover and explore on your own 'two wheels'.

An exclusive journey from 7 to 17 June, to discover the Balkans, along a itinerario incredible of about 2.000 km that unites six nations: Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. A journey that will cross endless mountain ranges and plateaus, favoring the naturalistic aspect of a territory that is still partly unexplored. The route will encounter a great variety of landscapes, uses, customs and cultures of a territory that inherits monuments from the Ottoman domination. From the highlands of Bosnia to the mountains of Montenegro, from the Serbian monasteries of Kosovo to the pastures of Macedonia to close along the winding tracks of Albania. The route is very varied and technically not difficult, but quite demanding for the length of the stages. An effort rewarded by majestic environments and views. Crossing these mountains, meeting and communicating with the rare inhabitants, helpful and kind, being able to observe rhythms, lifestyles and activities that we have now abandoned, will represent a unique unforgettable experience for all participants.

An off-road itinerary of about 1.300 km in a loop for a journey through the Pyrenees, which will take place from 21 September to 29 September, perfect for lovers of uncontaminated places far from time. The route reaches Ainsa and returns on the Spanish side, up to the starting point. The track is the most varied you can think of, from the slopes in the plain amidst expanses of olive trees to the high altitude roads over 2.000 meters above sea level, from the technical and stony mule tracks to the forest tracks that cross pine woods. All in a very suggestive scenario, between abandoned villages and ancient towns, along the coast lakes and historical sites characterized by the almost total absence of traffic and people. The landscape in some places recalls that of the Sardegna and Morocco, the language and gastronomy are Mediterranean ones.

A route of about 1800 km, of which 60% to be covered on dirt roads, will be held in the heart of Morocco, one of the most beautiful and fascinating lands in the Mediterranean basin, from 16 to 24 November. A vast itinerary on tracks alternating with stretches of asphalt. Starting from Marrakech, the route will cross Erfoud, the mythical Merzouga, Mhareche Zagora until reaching Foum Zguid. Participants will travel along the mountain slopes of the Atlas, through Boumalne Sasde and Midlet, and then cross the desert all on undemanding but spectacular tracks up to Erg Chegaga and then return to Marrakech.

  • Southern Alps and Var off-road - 29-31 March
  • Through the highlands of the Verdon - May 10-12
  • Balkans Challenge - June 7-17 (featured)
  • The Via del Sale from Tortona to Ventimiglia - 19-21 July
  • The Pinerei in off-road vehicles - 21 September - 29 September (in evidence)
  • Through the Colle del moncenisio - In the footsteps of Hannibal - 5-6 October
  • Adventouring on the slopes of Morocco - November 16-24 (in evidence)

OVER2000Riders travel 2019 adventouringAmong the activities of OVER2000Riders, aimed at bringing an ever-growing audience closer to the Adventouring world, there is an interesting GPS COURSE of two days, theoretical and practical, to learn how to make the most of this tool (not a road navigator) on the occasion of events and adventure travels to participate in during the season. The course will be held on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March in the Turin headquarters of the Association (Via Spalato 76), and will focus on models 60, 62, 64, Montana and the BASECAMP program.

To participate in the Easy Tours and Trips, organized in collaboration with a primary tour operator, it is necessary to register with OVER200Riders, obtaining a series of advantages both in terms of insurance and accidents, together with about 2.000 conventions guaranteed by the affiliation to AICS Motociclismo.

For further information and registration for TRAVELS and EASY TOUR 2019, we invite you to visit the Association's website