Alpine passes and roads between Veneto and Friuli

Motorbike trip on the most beautiful roads in Italy, in the Alps, between Veneto and Friuli: itinerary from Lozzo di Cadore, across Lake Sauris, to Ampezzo.

Friuli by motorcycle - Lake Sauris - Veneto Alpine passes itinerary
Friuli by motorcycle - Lake Sauris - Ph. Shutterstock

Motorbike itinerary between lakes and alpine passes from Lozzo di Cadore to Ampezzo, to the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Lake Sauris.

Today our bikes take us to Veneto and Friuli, among the most beautiful roads in Italy, close to the The Dolomites, where the road surface is always impeccable and the views are always wonderful.

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  1. Lozzo di Cadore
  2. Pian dei Buoi
  3. Sella di Razzo and Rioda
  4. sauris
  5. Pass of the Pura
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Lozzo di Cadore

Let's start with Lozzo di Cadore, in the upper Piave valley. The town is known for its ancient paths and for Canal of the mills: we recommend the suggestive botanical path named after "Tita Poa" which runs through the wood above the road that leads to "Pian dei Buoi". The plateau is located at about 1800 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Marmarole, and can be reached along a paved road in 20 minutes. motorcycle.

Pian dei Buoi

The splendid panorama of the peaks surrounding the green pastures form a unique scenery in its beauty: from "Pian dei Buoi" various high altitude walks are possible which lead, among others, to the Ciareido refuge (1969 m), in Col Vidal (fortified area in the course of great war), at Col Cervera, and at Pian de Paradis.

Sella di Razzo and Rioda

Leaving the village, we continue to the SP619, towards sauris. The road, curve after curve, is immersed in a stupendous alpine scenery, among woods, pastures and rocks eroded by bad weather. They cross the Rocket saddle and then, taking the SP73Rioda saddle. The region, very little known, allows us to ride in maximum freedom and serenity: the only, very few, motorcycles encountered are all registered Germany e Austria.

Sauris di Sopra - itinerary for motorcycles in the Veneto region of Friuli alpi Passes
Sauris di Sopra - Ph. Canvas


We therefore arrive, and with extreme calm, to sauris. It is a town with ancient traditions immersed in the nature of the Carnic Alps. The town, located in a green valley dominated by splendid Dolomite peaks, is the highest in the Friuli Venezia Giulia and is made up of three hamlets: Sauris di Sotto, Sauris di Sopra and Lateis and the localities La Maina and Velt which are located between 1000 and 1400 meters above sea level. Immediately after we cross the homonymous lake, which, although artificial, gives us a sense of peace and incredible silence. Turning off the engines, we can only hear the wind caressing the wild nature that surrounds us. Photo by Sauris di engripo, pixabay Free for commercial use, attribution not required.

Pass of the Pura

After many photos and an abundant relaxation with our feet in the icy waters of the lake, we continue towards Ampezzo, but we decide to venture for the Pass of the Pura, an alternative road to the SP73 that we have traveled up to now. The road, narrow and winding, never ceases to give us wonderful views through the woods and the Tagliamento Valley. Before reaching Ampezzo we decide to feed our hunger (which, as always, grows with every kilometer when we go by motorbike) at the Tita Piaz Alpine Refuge. Here we can taste all the traditional and locally produced dishes, such as mushrooms, salami and craft beer from Sauris, herbs, cheeses and in particular cjarsons, local ravioli with salty or sweet filling, obviously drowned in locally produced butter.

We then arrive in Ampezzo, on the SS52 and from here we suggest to "challenge" the Ascent of the Kaiser, or the famous climb of the Giro d'Italia of Monte Zoncolan.

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