Mortirolo Pass

The Mortirolo pass is a small but very suggestive step in Lombardy.

Passo del Mortirolo - route motorbike bike route road
Mortirolo Pass - Ph. Canva

The Mortirolo pass is a great classic among the roads to be done by motorbike in Lombardy between Valtellina and Val Camonica.

Also known as the Foppa pass, it connects the Valtellina with the Val Camonica, through the homonymous valley of the Mortirolo, connecting the province of Sondrio with that of Brescia through the municipalities of Grosio and Monno.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 1.852
Length 23 Km
Number of hairpin bends 38
Winter closure October> April
Road conditions and notes asphalt in poor condition - be careful

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The path

It is a narrow and uncrowded road, as the alternative to the Aprica pass is much easier and safer to reach Bormio and the top of the Valtellina coming from Brescia or from Trentino.

The north side, starting in Grosio, is today considered one of the hardest climbs in Europe, together with Zoncolan and to Angliru, and it is a “pilgrimage” destination for many cyclists who try their hand at the difficult climb. We also suggest an "escape" to Val Grosina, which starts right from the center of Grosio, in Valtellina.


In April 1945, during the Second World War it was the scene of two battles between the partisans and the German-fascist troops retreating towards the Trentino.

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