K'Mission suitcase by Kappa

Kappa K'Mission, the practical and resistant economic aluminum motorcycle cases, totally Made in Italy, with MONOKEY system

Kappa K'Mission aluminum motorcycle cases
Kappa K'Mission

Kappa presents K'Mission, the economic suitcase in aluminum whose mission is to make the journey of every motorcyclist practical and resistant.

Many strengths in support of the goodness of the project: more than reasonable price, new and patented design, new production procedures - totally Made in Italy - adoption of the widespread fixing system MONOKEY.

1The family of suitcases Kappa

The family of aluminum side cases by KAPPA currently includes three distinct models: the new top of the range K'FORCE 37 liters, with fixing to the motorcycle through the MONOKEY CAM SIDE system, the note K'VENTURE from 37 liters equipped with RETRO FIT system and finally the K'MISSION, with a capacity of 36 liters, for which the brand has chosen the MONOKEY system, an important choice since it will allow you to use these side panels even on motorcycles with several years on their shoulders! For the three proposals there are two different finishes (natural and black) and different ones accessories optional to make them even more performing.

2Little expense, a lot of yield

From the focus on the range, let's move on to K'MISSION, sold exclusively in pairs at a really interesting price, which does not affect the quality of the product as it is determined by the optimization of its production line (weight reduction, reduction of material waste, fewer components, unification of the rivets ...), which benefits from the experience gained in recent years in the development of square aluminum cases.

The design moment of the K'MISSION coincided with the more exclusively aesthetic one (patented)… in the sense that some of the “mechanical” needs here coincide with aesthetic choices. The resulting mix made it possible to obtain a functional and captivating “entry level” product.

K'MISSION is ergonomic and practical. Its lid integrates four comfortable and sturdy belt loops and can be opened completely, safely, thanks to the aid of a reinforced plastic frame that avoids the use of restraint straps or cables. The carrying handle, another important detail, is obtained in the lid rotation hinge.

The chance to "regenerate" some parts of the suitcase, to extend its life, is interesting, such as the possibility of replacing the two lower attachment points (corresponding to the so-called "mushrooms") which in the side are called to absorb the greatest vibrations.

Retail price (the couple) € 478,00 for the natural version; 533,90 euros for the black version.


Dimensions: 43,4 × 24,8 × 53,8 cm (hxwxd) Capacity: 36 liters. Materials: aluminum for the body, stainless steel for the opening hinges, reinforced technopolymer for the profiles and belt passers. Fixing system: MONOKEYS, Equipment: identical keys and third cylinder to be mounted on the eventual one topcase. Optional accessories: Cargo bag WA406S, Stainless steel holder for E162K water bottles, 35 liter inner / outer bag TK768, Adventure Straps KS350 pair.

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