Val di Genova: the Nardis waterfalls and itineraries in Trentino

The Nardis waterfalls are born in Val di Genova, a branch of Val Rendena, a starting point for motorcycling itineraries and outdoor sports.

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Nardis Falls - Canva Ph. Creartor

The Nardis waterfalls are born in Val di Genova, a branch of Val Rendena, a starting point for many motorcycle itineraries in Trentino.

Trentino offers countless ideas for motorcycling itineraries, along the SS237 one meets, on the shores of Lake Idro, the paths of the Maniva and Crocedomini passes.

Length 143 Km
connection Brescia east - Madonna di Campiglio
What to see in the surroundings Terme di Caderzone, pine forest of Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio
Typical dishes of the area Potato polenta, dumplings, fragulòc cake
Road conditions and notes Good conditions

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The Nardis waterfalls

The Nardis waterfalls are born in the Val di Genova in the Provincial Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, and have a jump of 130 meters. They are the product of streams fed by glaciers and flow into the Sarca river which runs along the SS237 cutting the valley from the mountains.

Val Rendena

Our Lady of Campiglio - Trentino
Madonna di Campiglio - Trentino

Most of the valley is part of the Adamello natural park and hosts tourist attractions such as Pinzolo e Madonna di Campiglio. In the valley you can choose between hiking, mountain biking or skiing in winter. In addition to outdoor activities in Val Rendena you can taste the typical dishes of Trentino cuisine in the numerous farmhouses present: cold cuts, cheeses, canederli, spaetzle, polenta, game, strudel

The term

Caderzone Terme is a town before Pinzolo and rises downstream of the natural spring of ferruginous water and hosts the renowned spa.


Dat the A4 we exit at Brescia east and follow the SS237 up to Tione di Trento, at this point we go up into the valley with the SS 239 crossing many typical villages, each with its own history, but the most famous are certainly Caderzone, for the spa, where we stop for refreshment at the spa café, Pinzolo and its pine forest and further on, after the waterfalls, the “pettinatissima” Madonna di Campiglio ski destination of the highest level. Important notice: beware of the countless Speed ​​Cameras present. After Pinzolo, in fact, we find Carisolo and the entrance to the Ponte Verde parking lot, very close to the waterfall, where we leave the motorcycle to reach the waterfalls in a few minutes on foot via a path that runs along the river and leads us to different ones waterfalls: the Nardis first, the falls of the Casol and Lares and finally the cascade of Thunderbolt.

Data Room

If we still have time and desire to make two more curves, beyond Madonna di Campiglio we find the Val di Sole, and always following the SS 239 we arrive at Dimaro, where we choose to head towards the Passo del Tonale, via the SS 42. The road is as a motorcyclist from knee to the ground, a lust that if you want can continue as far as Edolo.