Online registration for the V-STROM Academy 2019 is open

Online registration for the Suzuki V-STROM Academy 18 opened on Friday 2019 January.

V-STROM Academy suzuki

The courses of the V-STROM Academy will take place this year between April 6 and September 22, in a new and spectacular location, at the Castello di Luzzano, in the province of Pavia.

Three types of courses are offered this season: basic, advanced and Adven-tour, which is spread over two days and gives the opportunity to discover unique views and local delicacies.

Since last weekend anyone has the opportunity to book their participation in the V-STROM Academy 2019 from the comfort of their home from the dedicated website. On Friday 18 January online registration for the second season of off-road driving courses organized by Suzuki and coordinated by the multiple motocross champion and Federal Instructor Davide Degli Esposti opened.

The school has many interesting innovations, starting with the fact that it has moved to the magnificent Castle of Luzzano, in the province of Pavia. Its training offer is even more engaging and articulated this year: the variety of courses that can be attended is increasing and the dates on the calendar are also growing. Despite having a wide choice, it is still better not to delay too much and hurry to book: in 2018 every appointment of the V-STROM Academy was sold out and also in 2019 it is likely that many dates will soon be sold out.

The V-STROM Academy has moved home. For the upcoming year its headquarters will in fact be at the Castello di Luzzano, in Rovescala, in the province of Pavia. This suggestive location offers countless advantages. starting from the fact that it is located in a strategic position, easily reachable from all the main cities of the North Italy, given that the Castle is just 70 km from Milan, 130 km from Genoa and about 170 km from Turin, Verona and Bologna. The well-kept and welcoming structure can offer comfortable accommodation for both students and their accompanying persons.

Courses for everyone: From this year the V-STROM Academy offers the possibility to choose between three different courses, which perfectly meet the needs of all motorcyclists with different experiences and objectives.

Suzuki Adven-tour: the V-STROM Academy also offers the innovative Adven-tour formula for 2019, in which the didactic phase is integrated with a tourist part. In fact, these are guided journeys in which off-road routes normally closed to traffic, exciting but within the reach of even less savvy drivers, alternate with paved stretches. The route winds through the picturesque landscapes that open up in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, between the Po Valley and the Northern Apennines. The tour also allows you to appreciate the food and wine peculiarities of the area and can be tackled both with your own motorcycle and with one of the Academy's V-STROMs, all equipped with Anlas Capra X on / off tires, perfect for these routes.

The calendar of the V-STROM Academy 2019

April 6 2019 April 7 2019 And April 13 14 2019
4 Maggio 2019 5 Maggio 2019 11 and 12 May 2019
25 Maggio 2019 26 Maggio 2019 And June 8 9 2019
June 1 2019 June 2 2019 21 and 22 September 2019
14 September 2019 15 September 2019  


To guarantee students the opportunity to be followed in the best possible way and to have a direct relationship with the instructors, there are only ten places available for each date, just like the school bikes: five are V-STROM 650XT and the same number are V-STROMs. 1000XT.

Course prices they range from 330 to 600 euros, including VAT.

For information and reservations visit the dedicated website V-Strom Academy. (Ph. Suzuki Italy)

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