Airoh Rev 19 unboxing and presentation

Airoh Rev 19 unboxing by Gio Sorrentino and presentation of the modular helmet that received 4 SHARP stars and the double P / J approval.

Airoh Rev 19, theunboxing by Gio Sorrentino of the modular helmet that received 4 SHARP stars and the double P / J homologation.

Our friend Gio Sorrentino unbeknownst to him, even the brimo "unboxer" Moto Excape, grappling with the beautiful Airoh Rev19 that the dear friends of Locatelli SpA have kindly provided us to let Gio travel in maximum safety.

In fact, on 1 August 2020, Gio will leave for the Rome to Rome, or the circumnavigation of the whole boot via statale, from Rome to Rome, passing through the Sicilia and the Alps. Over 5000 kilometers of asphalt, dirt roads, villages, sea, mountains, panoramas, flavors and people from all over Italy, to remind us how beautiful our country is and how many things we lose every time we flee abroad. Good road Thu and thanks for the beautiful unboxing and presentation of Motorcycle Excape!

Airoh Helmets Rev 19 Modular Helmet
Airoh Helmets Rev 19 Modular Helmet

REV 19 combines the full-face version with the jet version in a single, dynamic and modern model, capable of adapting to any driving condition and to any need for safety and comfort. The 2-in-1 model, made of thermoplastic, integrates the best of both helmets, such as the extra Wide visor for better active safety, the retractable sun visor, Stop Wind and predisposition for mounting systems Bluetooth.

The convenience of the REV 19, from a touring point of view, is represented by the flip-up which allows a 180 ° rotation of the chin guard, thus passing from the protection of the full-face helmet to the "cool" but still protective touring Jet helmet. In fact, we remind you that the REV 19 enjoys the double P / J homologation.

Sharp's evaluation criteria are very strict and, being able to obtain a result like that obtained by REV 19 by AIROH, is synonymous with a guarantee for a truly efficient and safe product: the level of protection offered, in the event of a crash, was excellent in the front and rear, very good on the side.

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