Umbria by motorbike on the oil roads

Umbria by motorbike or by bike also in Autumn to discover the tradition and flavors of pressing olives, extra virgin olive oil and all the events of "Frantoi Aperti".

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Open Oil Mills in Umbria 2021

Umbria land of oil, history and food and wine culture. A region to be discovered by motorbike or by bike even in autumn to discover the "Frantoi Aperti".

From October 30th to November 28th 2021, in Umbria, olive groves and oil mills return to populate themselves and the spotlights are turned on yellow gold: freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil.

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  1. Open Oil Mills in Umbria
  2. Cultural workshops
  3. Visit the oil mills
  4. Art and nature
  5. Music and culture
  6. The restaurants

Open Oil Mills in Umbria

From October 30 to November 28 2021 is back in the spotlight Open Crushers in Umbria that also for this XXIV edition, will celebrate for five weekends the arrival of the new extra virgin olive oil in the period of the pressing of the olives, proposing initiatives in the mill, linked to the world of quality oil and particular innovations.

oil mills umbria oil wine routes itineraries motorcycle bikes
Extra virgin olive oil - Ph. Canva

New this year will be the spin-off "Comic oil - LIVE drawing in the oil mills", Which will animate the mills every Saturday of the event, from 11 to 20, with an aperitif in the mill at 17 and DJ set, thanks to the innovative collaboration between the most creative realities of oil production and the industry of comics active in the Umbrian territory, in order to bring two worlds closer together, that of illustration and that of food and wine tours.

Cultural workshops

The oil mills will be transformed into real cultural laboratories, the result of the synergy with publishing realities, libraries, collectives of artists, musicians and graphic designers, in which in-depth events will be scheduled based on the cartoon language, play paths designed for children and exhibitions of comic strips and cartoons by the "Library of the Clouds“, Focused on the“ historical ”relationship between oil and Umbria. The unprecedented initiative will have its corollary in February 2022, when, on the occasion of the "Umbria Dop Oil Preview", the most representative illustration of Umbrian oil will be awarded, elaborated during the live drawing in the mills, which will be adopted from the cultural spin-off “Olio a Fumetti” until the following year.

oil mills umbria oil wine routes itineraries motorcycle bikes
Olive groves - Umbria - Ph. Canva

Visits to oil mills

Every weekend of Frantoi Aperti in Umbria, will then be punctuated by events intended to enhance the celebrated Umbrian olive tradition: the visits to member mills, accompanied by tastings of Umbrian extra virgin olive oil, walks among the olive trees and bicycle tours, both with a snack in the mill; the itineraries discovering the Cultivars of Umbria (Moraiolo, San Felice, Dolce Agogia and Rajo), the "Sounds of secular olive trees" (the olive tree of Sant'Emiliano in Trevi, the olive tree of Macciano in Giano dell'Umbria, the olive tree of Villafranca di Panicale and the olive tree of Rajo di Amelia), concerts and musical performances in the villages adherents, guided tours in the historic centers and in the museums thematic, the olive harvest, the tastings of bread and oil in the squares, the extraordinary openings of castles and palaces and the many initiatives imagined to involve the little ones.

Art and nature

The protagonist of Frantoi Aperti will be the Umbrian oil, together with the olive landscape, the nature that embraces the historic villages of the region and in this scenario art and literature will also play a leading role. In fact, on the occasion of the five weekends of the show there will be an appointment with "#KEYUMBRA | IN NATURE - Artistic Experiments in the Olive Landscape ”, la manifestation of contemporary art, organized by Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, which will offer new and experimental access keys to the Umbrian territory, nature and the relationship between man and environment. This year #CHIAVEUMBRA, in its 8th edition, will do so by directly involving the artists who will meet the public along the paths and paths of the municipalities involved in the event, personally presenting artistic actions or small interventions in nature. The public will thus be guided to live an unprecedented experience of encounter and contact with the environment thanks to the filter of works of art made with natural elements. The alchemy of the artistic process will become the privileged way to get in touch with the simple but enchanted places of Umbria at the Frantoi Aperti.

oil mills umbria oil wine routes itineraries motorcycle bikes
Extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria

Music and culture

The squares of the villages with a high olive-growing vocation, belonging to Frantoi Aperti, in addition to hosting small events, exhibitions of quality oil artisans and other food and wine products, this year will be real places of sound experimentation, where the public will be the protagonist active of musical experiences in a circle (Drum Circle, dances, songs).

In some Umbrian villages, theatrical stories will be staged by Maurice Pescari, journalist and writer, based on his book "Oil and other ingredients of our life". In a lively and captivating dialogue with olive growers, agricultural entrepreneurs, chefs, historians of popular traditions and marketing experts, Pescari will illustrate stories of people and lands, treating oil and the dissemination of its culture from sometimes usual and sometimes original perspectives. , interacting with people from time to time different by profession and preparation.

The restaurants

Finally, in the 5 weekends of Frantoi Aperti in Umbria the 32 restaurants of the “Umbrian #EVOOAmbassador circuit. Witnesses of unique oils ", they will propose menus of land and lake in combination with the quality evo oils of the producers belonging to Frantoi Aperti 2021, the oils will be “told” thanks to the presence of the producers in the restaurants.

More details on the program will be online on the website

Frantoi Aperti 2021 is an event organized by the Strada dell'Olio Evo Dop Umbria Association, in collaboration with the Umbria Region and with all the players in the Umbrian olive sector, starting with Promocamera dell'Umbria, the Agricultural and Food Technological Park of Umbria - 3A-PTA, the Coordination of the Wine and Oil Roads of Umbria, CIA Umbria, Coldiretti Umbria, Confagricoltura Umbria, the Umbria Chamber of Commerce and the Consortium for the Protection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dop Umbria.