Mount Peglia by motorbike: the curves of Umbria

In Umbria we visit the streets of Monte Peglia, which offers itineraries suitable for motorcycles and stages with a medieval flavor, including barbecues and butterflies.

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A splendid circular itinerary along the slopes of Mount Peglia (1399 m) between medieval history, pine forests and curves perfect for motorcycles.

The proposed route includes a "lasso" around Mount Peglia, touching various places with a medieval charm, with a typical "flavor" of the area and many roads perfect for having fun on two wheels.

Length 155 Km
connection Marsciano / Marsciano
What to see in the surroundings San Venanzo, the park of the seven friars, the butterfly field
Typical dishes of the area saffron / honey / Ficiulle rump
Road conditions and notes good conditions

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San Venanzo

Along the SS23 we meet San Venanzo, an ancient village that houses the Volcanological Museum with finds from the now extinct volcano of San Venanzo, dating back to 265.000 years ago. The volcano is not far from San Venanzo, in the direction of Monte Peglia.

The itinerary around Monte Peglia

We reach Marsciano after passing Perugia in a southerly direction from the E45 road and then we turn left on the ss317 towards San Venanzio where the first stage awaits us.

With the SS317 we are already at the foot of Mount Peglia, which finds its summit just beyond Ospidaletto, where the park of the seven friars is located in the area, made up of pine forests of Black pine and D'Aleppo pine. Here a stop for a sandwich or a barbecue is a must, given the presence of picnic tables and barbecue stations with free wood available. After lunch, a digestive walk along the path towards the Butterfly Field leads us to discover an expanse of lavender inhabited by colorful butterflies.

We continue on the SS 317 and after a while we find the signs for Morrano Vecchio and we deviate on the SP 101 until we find the signs for the SS 71 after Ponte Ferro.

In Ficulle we park to visit the historic center, the cellars and the vineyards. After Fabro Scalo we take the state road 58 to visit the medieval village of Montegabbione.

It was the last stop, now the ss57 awaits us which with its curves and ups and downs will entertain us until we reach Collebrano, after having turned left at the crossroads for San Venanzo and then in Marsciano, our destination and departure.

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