Everything is ready for the HAT Hardalpitour 2019 Sanremo-Sestriere

Everything is ready for the largest Italian adventouring event, now in its 11th edition and which continues to enjoy ever greater success.

hat HARDALPITOUR sanremo sestriere
HAT HARDALPITOUR Sanremo-Sestriere (ed. 2018)

The largest Adventouring event that brings so many fans from Sanremo to Sestriere, will start on Friday 6 September with the presence of 450 participants arriving from 15 nations.

Here are the main news:

  • The great return of the Dakariano Franco Picco riding the Yamaha Ténéré
  • A Yamaha squadron with the brand new ones Tenére 700 debut under the guidance of Blue Bike Camp
  • 20% of new routes and passage in Gallery of the Saracens (extreme)
  • The new Marathon Prize for those who will complete the entire route

Everything is ready for the 11th edition of the HAT SANREMO-SESTRIERE which, with its 450 participants from all over Europe (and not only), once again confirms itself as the largest Adventouring event in Europe. Celebrated last year ten years of life in continuous growth, the HARDALPITOUR enters a new season of maturity. The event has grown in quantity and quality and Adventouring enthusiasts from 15 countries including, for the first time, Morocco and Russia still show their appreciation for this somewhat crazy and a little romantic adventure-trip, still full of values ​​and emotions.

At the heart of this idea of ​​"riding a motorcycle" to discover unusual landscapes and minor roads there are places and people. And it is precisely on this meeting that the very essence of the HAT is manifested. Paradoxically, the real protagonists of the HAT are people and places, its participants are the spectators who meet them in a rapid succession of scenarios, moments, experiences, emotions. The Italy that goes from Sanremo to Sestriere, with its small and large towns, its mountains and hills, rivers, bridges and squares, is the extraordinary stage for a show in the form of a journey, which becomes an adventure if we add the fundamental ingredient of the HAT: off-road driving. An adventure which, if lived in these terms of pleasure and safety, is a true panacea for those who want to regenerate body and spirit.

HAT HARDALPITOUR Sanremo-Sestriere (ed. 2018)
HAT HARDALPITOUR Sanremo-Sestriere (ed. 2018)

Prestigious reconfirmations and beautiful news for the 2019 edition which will start again from Sanremo, a very popular location for participants and companions. The collaboration with the Sanremo Casino, which will host the HAT Night and the briefing, has been renewed for the third year. The Piazzale Dapporto (former Station), close to the sea, will host the HAT Village with the starting stage and the stands of the numerous partners of the event, welcoming the gathering of the many participants.

Great return in the saddle of one YAMAHA Ténéré for the mythical Dakarian Franco Picco, who wrote the best pages of his rally history right on the saddle of one motorcycle with the three tuning forks. Ten his participations in Paris Dakar Rally in the '80s, where he finished 2nd in the 1988 and 1989 editions, two victories at the Rally dei Paraoni (1986 and 1990). Picco will be at the start of the HARDALPITOUR for the first time on the saddle of the new YAMAHA Ténéré 700.

Together with Franco Picco, also a large YAMAHA team that will see the participation of new customers riding their brand new and flamboyant Tenére 700, which has finally arrived on the market and will make its debut in an Adventouring event, right at the HARDALPITOUR. Accompanying YAMAHA customers, in the two Classic and Discovery courses, will be enduro champions Giuseppe Gallino and Alessio Paoli, instructors of the Blue Bike Camp by Daniele Madrigali, the new off-road driving school dedicated to YAMAHA adventure bikes.

HAT HARDALPITOUR Sanremo-Sestriere (ed. 2018)
HAT HARDALPITOUR Sanremo-Sestriere (ed. 2018)

Several i new off-road routes studied for this edition between Liguria, in the Bardineto and Bormida area, and Piedmont, near Garessio and Caraglio. The grand finale for the Extreme in Alta Val di Susa with the crossing of the Galleria dei Saraceni recently reopened to the public. Also new will be the passage with an evening stop / refreshment in Cuneo, in the central Piazza Foro Boario, a way to bring the event closer to the public. Among the novelties of this edition, the institution of the MARATHON PRIZE, a further recognition for those who have completed the path faithfully passing through all the checkpoints, demonstrating maximum commitment, respect and perseverance in completing the HARDALPITOUR path.

As per HAT tradition, there will be three routes:

  • EXTREME, a real “marathon” trip lasting 40-42 hours, covering a distance of about 850 km. The departure at 23.00 pm on Friday is really impressive, under the lights of the spotlights that illuminate the starting stage in the HAT Village, in the presence of many fans and onlookers;
  • CLASSIC, which involves about 24 hours in the saddle, including the night driving part, on a route of about 530 km. Facing the Classic route means facing the HARDALPITOUR as it was originally designed, ensuring all the emotions of an unforgettable experience. The departure will be at 12 noon on Saturday from the starting stage of the HAT Village;
  • DISCOVERY, lasting two days on an “easy” route of about 450 km, which includes an overnight stop in Cuneo. It is the path for those who want to participate in this event with less effort but still living the experience. The restart is early Sunday morning, to reach Sestriere with a smooth route.

ORGANIZATION - Top commitment also from an organizational point of view, thanks to the approximately 50 staff members made up, as usual, by the experts of Base Luna, the Piedmontese association of Civil Protection specializing in motorcycle events. And this year there will be 20 refreshment points organized and divided over the various routes. With regard to safety, the use of GPS trackers distributed to the participating teams continues, allowing the geo-localization of the territory to be monitored in real time and any immediate requests for assistance to be sent to the HAT Operations Center in case of need.

PARTNER 2019 - More and more HARDALPITOUR partners, with the presence of YAMAHA MOTOR (motorcycle), ANLAS (tires), LS2 HELMETS (helmets), T.UR (clothing), GARMIN (surfers), KLIM (clothing), ENDURISTAN (accessories), MBE (trade fair), TCX (stivali) and PLOTTERFILMS (transfer films).

SOLIDARITY - A thought of solidarity with HAT with A MANETTA, an artisanal fabric printing workshop inside the Novara prison (born thanks to Plotterfilms, another company that is a friend of HAT) which creates nice “two wheels” themed t-shirts, also sold on site. The name and logo combine the passion for motorcycling with the difficult prison condition, or in any case the limitation of freedom, with a special irony for those in need of support.

For more information www.hatseries.com.

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