From Zero to Rally - Tuscany Maxi Enduro Crete di Siena 2019

Tuscany Maxi Enduro - Crete di Siena 2019 - Over 50 participants and at least 500 km of white roads of the Antiappennino between Tuscany and Lazio with Oscar Polli

Tuscany Maxi Enduro - Crete di Siena 2019 a great little event with over 50 participants and at least 500 km of dirt roads of the Antiappennino between Tuscany and Lazio.

Our off-road driving and technique learning path finally arrives at the final event.

We started from scratch, with a small but tenacious one Honda CRF250 Rally and the first notions imparted by Oscar Polli. We gritted our teeth, never giving up, in the advanced and advanced courses, up to a very hard off-road ride that broke our back but not our morale.

Today, 28 June 2020, we are here, at S. Albino of Montepulciano, finally loaded and ready to shoot the many Raid-style kilometers that Oscar has prepared with true dedication and professionalism.

However, we are not talking about a simple tour or adventouring event but a weekend made of engines, beautiful landscapes, amazing roads and an oiled and competent organization worthy of a rally raid that only a champion (and federal instructor) could set up in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy.

The excitement is still strong, despite the many hours spent in the saddle since the first day we started off-road. In Montepulciano a spacious green area with all the services was made available for the participants. Yes, because the spirit is that of the raids, you sleep in the bivouac, in the tents next to your own motorcycle, between baggage, stivali, spare parts… It is not compulsory to sleep in a tent, and there are those who prefer the comfort of a room, but the spirit that you breathe, of party, of adventure and of gas, already makes the adrenaline rise. After the checks and registrations, the fundamental briefing on the route and on the regulations begins, in compliance with everyone and the lands and bodies that host us.

Day 1 - The alarm goes off early, we dismantle the tents and give our luggage to the staff (legendary staff!) Who will take care of making us find them the same evening for the scheduled tent.

8:30 am, let's go! Immediately gas for the first day of about 370 km: the paths are very smooth, panoramic and immersed in nature. The terrain does not present many difficulties, but it is treacherous and the rear dancer will accompany us for a good part of the journey. Among other things, we tried the Anlas Capra X-Rally that have been "squeezed" all the way (we will talk about it in the dedicated article). Land braking stretches a lot and you must always be well concentrated in order not to go long. This also helps build the feeling with motion and control. 

Luckily it's not a race because you really want to stop every little and enjoy the spectacle of these tracks and the areas they cross. At the same time, the pleasure of driving enters your circle and you cannot stop driving.

The Marathon stage ends in the late afternoon in the beautiful Le Roghette farmhouse, after a refreshing shower (dreamed all day) a mega awaits us barbeque and a cool night in a tent (we're cooked but can't wait to get back in the saddle). The company is excellent, the staff makes you feel at home and part of the family, the bikes are many, from the most "pulled" for competitions, to the classic German, Austrian, Italian and Japanese maxi, to my baby rally. Try to go to bed early but between chatting and people the hours of sleep will be few but that's fine!

Day 2 - After a nice breakfast we leave for the second stage about 150 km, which will bring us back to the starting point. The day begins with slightly more challenging but always flowing dirt roads, so that driving can always be a pleasure and never a punishment. S.i remain literally enchanted by the landscapes that only the Toscana he knows how to give… I know, I'm repetitive, but you too can understand it from the videos and photos (which however do not do it justice). The morning flies, like the dust under my tiles, and my first experience at Tuscany Crete of Siena, ends in the best way, with a delicious super Tuscan lunch in a Montepulciano restaurant.

This is how my path from neophyte to good off-road driver ends in the most beautiful stage at my disposal, among new friends, professionals, hugs, smiles and see you in 2020. The road to learning will still be long, like the kilometers that await me in an off-road vehicle to discover this wonderful world. I will not fail to do "repetitions" always with Oscar, who beats you at every opportunity but who puts you in a position to let you enjoy this sport in the best way and in maximum safety.

And we will undoubtedly return to grind kilometers at each future edition of the Tuscany Maxi Enduro, because of such beautiful and organized events in a raid style, for all types of riders and for all types of motorcycles there is only this. See you next year!

I thank: Oscar Chickens and his school Freeracing for patience and the desire to teach, Mark Nebbiolo for the video, Alpinestars for Tech 7 Enduro boots, Kite parts for the ergal handlebar, Event for the tires (Capra X-Rally from 10 and praise), Premier Helmets for the Exige helmet, Poweroad for the featherweight lithium battery, On Board Racing for the crazy graphics, Accapi for keeping me cool, Seat Concept for the comfortable saddle, Service hatches for tuning, Enduristan for the super anti-atomic bags!


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SOURCEPhotos and texts by Marco Nebbiolo