Col di Turini - by motorbike From Piedmont to Liguria

An escape by motorcycle from the French cousins ​​for a spectacular itinerary, the Col di Turini, famous for rallies, between hairpin bends and breathtaking curves.

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An escape by motorcycle from the French cousins ​​for a spectacular itinerary, the Col di Turini, famous for rallies between hairpin bends and breathtaking curves.

There are so many itineraries in Piedmont, but some are absolutely not to be missed, for guaranteed fun on the road and for the views that will leave you speechless.

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We leave Cuneo in a southerly direction towards the Vermenagna Valley, a wonderful scenery where you can enjoy the rays of the sun that warm us from the south in these mild winter days. Let's go through Limone Piemonte, which, famous for its ski slopes and sustainable summer holidays. One attraction that makes travel a great adventure is getting on Wonder train, a convoy that connects Limone to Cuneo and Ventimiglia, along the suggestive slopes and through wonderful views.

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The passage to France

The climb continues and you enter the tunnel that connects Italy to the France, from Panice Soprana to Vievola (currently not passable due to landslide). Continue along the D6204, then D2204 in the direction Suspello, where we suggest a short stop for a photo of the famous Old Bridge, the most romantic place in the city, which unites the banks of the Bevera which cuts the city into two parts and maybe a visit to the Cathedral of San Michele from the Medieval period.

The Col di Turini

You finally turn right in the direction Col di Turini. The excitement rises and we open the gas towards Molinetto, along the beautiful curves of the D2566. The climb resumes and the fun begins, bend after bend, bend after bend. The mild air of these days in February gives us a clean and safe asphalt, but we are still attentive to the shaded areas and the surface. The panorama offers glimpses and emotions at every kilometer, so we often stop to take pictures from the road and from the sky. Once at the top of the hill, we decide to continue for And Lantos, in Vesubia Valley: going back immediately would be a crime. There is a mountain and rally air.

Come back in

We therefore leave it to you to enjoy these magnificent landscapes and choose the way back: we continued along the D73 towards Lucerame, passing through the Pas de l'Escous and again in the direction of Sospello, Cuneo.

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Where to sleep and eat

Map and information

The roads of the Maritime Alps are many and almost infinite, one more beautiful than the other. You can literally ride between Piedmont and Liguria, between mountains and sea. The climate is almost always mild even in winter, which is why fun is guaranteed almost all year round. The map that we publish foresees the arrival in Ventimiglia, for those who want to create their own itinerario starting from the sea or arriving there.


SOURCEPhoto credits © Marco Nebbiolo