From Turkey to Agnellotreffen 2019

A great adventure sponsored by Anlas, who equipped the two bikes with the exclusive Winter Grip2 winter tires.


The winter motorcycle experience from Istanbul to Pontechianale and back was successfully completed by the two Turkish travelers Tuğçe and Fatih.

The winter experience of Tugce e Fatih, accompanied once again by theirs Yamaha YBR125 nicely called Chico and Churro, it closed successfully a few days ago with their return to Istanbul after a three-week adventure that took them from Turkey to the North West of Italy, to participate in the winter gathering lamb treffen.

ANLAS turkey RIDE2WORLD AGNELLOTREFFENThe adventure of the two Turkish travelers, which started from Istanbul on January 13th, crossed Greece and traveled on the snow-covered mountain roads, until reaching the port of Igoumenitsa for the direct ferry to the port of Brindisi where the experience on Italian soil has officially started. The tour explored in depth the territories of the South with a visit to incredible cities such as Gallipoli, Taranto, Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Gioia del Colle and Gravina in Puglia, where Tuğçe and Fatih also tasted the tasty dishes of the excellent Apulian culinary tradition.

ANLAS turkey RIDE2WORLD AGNELLOTREFFENLeaving Puglia, Tuğçe and Fatih left in the direction Campania, with an obligatory stop in the wonderful city of stones, Matera (Basilicata). Arriving on the Amalfi Coast, they reached, driving on the splendid curves that characterize that stretch of coast, the sunny Maiori, Minori, Amalfi and Salerno. The interesting visit to the South Italy, the first time for Tuğçe and Fatih, along with a small technical problem - then solved - to one of the two motorcycle, took more days than the original travel plan. This made them decide to travel more quickly north, to reach their destination in Pontechianale on 25 January.

ANLAS turkey RIDE2WORLD AGNELLOTREFFENThe first stop planned in the North was Milan from where, after meeting the Anlas Italia team, they left for Piedmont, stopping off in some of the most interesting and characteristic cities on the road: Pavia, Alessandria and Asti, lands of rice and wine, where they spent moments frozen for the very harsh climate, tested some local dishes and rested to prepare for the snowy roads of the upcoming weekend.

ANLAS turkey RIDE2WORLD AGNELLOTREFFEN“The day has finally come to experience this incredible winter gathering. On the way to Pontechianale we visited the cities of good e Wedge, to then reach the Agnellotreffen where we were warmly welcomed by the organization and by the motorcyclists already present in the location. After receiving our welcome kits, we headed to the camp area to choose our spot and set up the tent " Tuğçe and Fatih declared. "A fantastic event that allowed us to meet many passionate people, give some interviews to journalists and tell our experience".

The return trip to Turkey began the following Monday morning, when Tuğçe and Fatih left Pontechianale towards Liguria, where they decided to spend a few days, driving once again on the beautiful and scenic roads of the coast, before reaching the port. from Trieste to go home. After a visit to Savona, the two travelers reached and visited the sunny Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure, where they also tasted the inevitable and characteristic Ligurian focaccia ... and not only!

"It was an incredible journey for us, we met motorcyclists interested in our projects and we are delighted with the warm welcome and hospitality reserved for us by Italian friendswe discovered enchanting cities and tested traditional foods and wines. Unfortunately, some small technical problems with one of the bikes limited the program ... but, despite this, we had a special experience that will remain in our hearts for a long time.". Tuğçe and Fatih added. "A special thanks goes to the Anlas team, who gave us great support as well as the opportunity to experience this incredible new adventure riding our bikes!"

Now the time has come for Tuğçe Akbayar and Fatih Altunkaynak to open a new book and start writing the first words of their next adventure!


Ride2World is the name of the Turkish couple made up of Tuğçe Akbayar, 27 years old and Pilates instructor - with over 200.000 km of driving in the last 8 years - and his partner Fatih Altunkaynak, 37 years old with a professional career as a Management Engineer - with more than 250.000 km in the saddle in the last 11 years -. The two travelers met a few years ago, thanks to their passion for motorcycles and travel.

The name Ride2World was born in August 2016, when the two travelers set off for their round the world riding two Yamaha YBR 125: 25 months, 107.000 km, covering 48 countries until their return to Turkey in September 2018, until their return to TurkeyThe trip was featured in several national newspapers and on some TV channels and websites. The Ride2world experience is told by Tuğçe and Fatih also in universities or hospitals, where they are often invited, as well as by the fans they met on their tour of the world and who, even today, follow and support them through social media. .


A great adventure sponsored by Event, which equipped the two bikes with the exclusive ones Winter Grip2 winter tires, capable of fulfilling their task perfectly in all road conditions - snowyicy e sunny - met by the couple during the journey and above all, taking Chico and Churro to travel in tranquility allowing Tuğçe and Fatih to enjoy the magnificent scenery offered by the landscapes encountered, on all road surfaces, even extreme ones, traveled during this incredible adventure.

Photo credits: ride2world