Tunisia ready! From June 27 the borders reopen

Tunisia reopens its doors to all travelers, by motorbike or not, lovers of the sea, history and magnificent places of this country, including the desert!

Tunisia Desert Tourism by motorbike
The dunes of Tunisia

Tunisia is ready and safe to host tourists from all over the world again: enduro enthusiasts, lovers of deserts, the sea and motorbike travel.

Tunisia has implemented a health policy that ranks it among the best countries in the world in managing the COVID-19 crisis in terms of efficiency, anticipation and safety.

It should be noted that the tunisia recorded an excellent cure rate, effective care for hospitalized people and strict health measures.

Among the measures and health exploits we mention:

The implementation of a strategy to isolate travelers, which prevented at least 25.000 contaminations, genetic research at the Charles Nicolle laboratory in Tunis and the establishment of dedicated vaccine research teams. Tunisia has also implemented modern technologies to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens: robots to monitor the streets, drones equipped with microphones and thermal cameras, recurrent UV disinfection, laboratory trucks to take samples and analyze them in a short time, etc.

Continuing on this line, Tunisia is ready today to welcome visitors safely.

For this reason, in order to reassure travelers and prepare for recovery, the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism and Crafts has created a “Ready and Safe” label. This labeling is mandatory for all tourism stakeholders in Tunisia: the same standards will be required and applied by all.

To obtain it, it is essential to follow the implementation of an internal protocol according to the recommendations of the WHO. These recommendations will be followed and applied by all interested parties in Tunisian tourism in order to ensure preventive hygiene and cleanliness and thus maintain control over COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of tourists.

This is one more and not least reason to visit Tunisia. Its wonderful climate, its delicious gastronomy, its beautiful regions, its beautiful beaches, its beautiful hotels and restaurants, ready with all the necessary precautions, ready and safe, to make the tourist's stay a relaxing and serene experience.