Triumph Adventure Experience: which rider are you?

The 3 appointments of the Triumph Adventure Experience Italia, dedicated to fans of the Tiger range, are back.

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Triumph Adventure Experience

Sport, Discovery Or Wild? The 3 appointments of the Triumph Adventure Experience Italia are back, the weekends dedicated to Italian and Tiger range enthusiasts.

Triumph Motorcycles relaunches the innovative concept of the Triumph Adventure Experience Italia, a formula that aims to combine, in an exclusive and exciting mix, the most diverse variations of motorcycle adventures, exclusive educational content, the most complete and transversal range of Adventure motorcycles on the market , and a touch of the inimitable Triumph Motorcycles 'lifestyle'.

3 is the perfect number

  • 3 different formulas: sports, Products o Game
  • 3 different geographical areas: Trebbia Valley, Veneto e Toscana
  • 3 events between May and June astride the Tiger 2023 range, with different models available and selected on the basis of technical coherence with the planned itinerary.

Bikes available:

  • The agile, dynamic and fun Tiger Sport 660 with 17" front
  • The perfect interpretations of road-going Gran Turismo: Tiger 900 GT Pro, Tiger 1200 GT and Tiger 1200 GT Explorer, with 19” front
  • The performing adventure bikes focused on offroad: Tiger 900 Rally Pro, Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer, with 21" front

Unlike the editions of the Triumph Adventure Experience that have been running for some time in Wales and since last year in the south of Spain, the Italian edition of the "TAE" does not offer the classic formula of the "offroad driving school".

The educational contents, edited by experienced and qualified instructors, aimed at improving one's driving style and safety on and off-road, they will in fact be mixed with "ingredients" in pure Triumph style:

  • The pleasure of discovering surprising and exclusive places, normally closed to the public
    The thrill of driving through some of the most captivating naturalistic scenarios in our country, on asphalt or off-road
  • The fun of putting educational contents into practice in a dynamic way, within an off-road route surrounded by olive trees and also among the curbs of a real circuit
  • The magic of a lunch immersed in nature, or the relaxation of a 4-star hotel after an intense day of driving.

Costs and registration methods:

The price of each Triumph Adventure Experience and of €750 (VAT included) for the pilot and of €200 (VAT included) for any passenger (not foreseen for the WILD experience).

Prices are intended All Inclusive and include the use of motorcycle supplied by Triumph Motorcycles Italy, hotel accommodation and all meals provided for in the program, both for the pilot and for any passenger.

Registrations are open, simply contact the Organizing Secretariat via email or telephone to find out all the details.

Phone: + 39 331 6857711