Transitalia Marathon 2020

Motorcycle touring offroad adventouring event from the atmosphere of the great rallies of the past to the passion of true adventure on two wheels.

Transitalia marathon
Transitalia marathon

The sixth edition of the Transitalia Marathon, the most famous adventouring event in Italy, is back!

The Motoclub StradeBiancheinMoto proposes its workhorse again: the Transitalia Marathon.

As every year it returns, invariably, the most anticipated event of 2020 of the Adventure Touring landscape. Again this year, registrations closed in record time. From its inception to today, the time required to close subscriptions has contracted considerably, risking server crashes and, if you continue like this, a total blackout!

From 10:00 to 10:25 on Wednesday 22 January, the off-road world held its breath. There are those who quivered by drumming with their fingers on the PC already minutes before. Some have taken an hour off. Everyone tried to beat everyone on time: the only moment of Transitalia in which arriving first counts.

The only one because it is remembered that this is a non-competitive international event registered in the FMI Turismo Adventouring calendar of excellence.

The times are shorter but the places are widened: the nationality of the participants is truly disparate. As much as 50% comes from abroad with Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Croatia, Greece… not only foreign “neighbors”, but real tourers coming, even, from Vietnam, the USA or South Africa (the map with the geographical evidence is attached).

The four-day formula - adopted in 2019 - was very popular.

The moment of registration is one of the practical but also emotional "steps" that revolve around the event. Transitalia marathon it is a one-year "journey".

Despite the heartfelt participation that increases over time, every time for Urbinati and his team it is a great emotion.

"Watching, in front of the computer, a crazy counter that, like a pinball machine, marks nation after nation on the map, is a mystical experience!"

The bulk, however, is yet to come: the slavish control of each entry for the first checks begins.

For more information, you can consult the official website.