From Zero to Rally - The off-road educational tour

Our series of articles dedicated to the first off-road experiences continues, from the basic course to the Tuscany Maxi Enduro rally with Oscar Polli and Free Racing.

Finally we go off-road to put into practice what we learned in Oscar Polli's enduro course.

Finally we are, always at the side of the Santhià Motocross Track, where the last time we made our bones (and muscles) to perfect the exercises and the riding technique. Enduro.

There is obviously to welcome us Oscar Chickens, with his trusted instructor who will close the group, consisting of: me with the Honda CRF rally 250, a KTM 950, a BMW GS 1200, an Africa Twin Rally and various more specialized enduros.

Helmet on, protections firmly and off you go along the dirt roads around Santhia, Biella and Viverone Lake. We stop almost immediately to refresh the technique and position, as well as to check the pressure of the tires, too swollen for someone. You go slowly, you study the trajectories to avoid holes and treacherous cracks and you begin this tour to enjoy the beauty of off-road driving: away from traffic, chaos, cars. A dip in nature, between fields and woods that fill our hearts as we gain confidence with this new guide.

During the course we refine the technique, the position (still a bit rigid) and listen to Oscar's advice on how to tackle holes, obstacles, fords, soft ground, mud ... all always in safety and at the right speed to learn well and enjoy the round.

Honestly, I can only say “how nice” and above all “why didn't I start earlier !?”. Ah but now I recover!

During the stops I take this opportunity to understand the principles of navigation with GPS. Together with Oscar I understand better the speech of the Tracks, waypoint, settings of the map, for graphics and information to display. His courses also take care of this discipline, both for those who want to make the most of their GPS tool, also to trace routes, and for those who want to learn the use of Road book, which is still used today in competitions (accompanied by GPS).

A full day: of technique, views, nature, essential information and above all fun in good company. Finally we arrive tired and hungry at the Hotel Ristorante San Massimo whose delicious dishes were the icing on the cake of this wonderful day.

Memorized today's tracks, I will still practice until Tuscany Maxi Enduro, the event that Oscar Polli organizes every year in the Crete of Siena at the end of June. Follow us to find out how it went!


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