Tuscany by motorbike between San Gimignano and Lajatico

Tuscany region of discoveries. Just a few kilometers between Lucca, Volterra, San Gimignano and Lajatico are enough to discover many hidden treasures.

Teatro del Silenzio lajatico bocelli tuscany motorbike bike itinerary route
Theater of Silence - Ph. F. Boscolo

Motorbike itinerary among the splendid Tuscan hills, from San Gimignano to Lajatico passing through the Abbey of San Galgano.

'The Tuscan countryside. Pure enchantment, crisp colors and sharp outlines. And somewhere a village in the hills that makes your eyes shine.'(Fabrizio Caramagna)

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1. San Gimignano
2. The Abbey of San Galgano
3. The theater of Silence

When you decide to go to a place, in Toscana, it is never a simple ride in motorcycle, paraphrasing a very banal aphorism: "it is not the destination that matters, but the journey". Although the purpose of this outing was the very famous Abbey of San Galgano, the road traveled to reach it and ultimately to return home has, as always, given us wonderful images and places. But let's go in order.

tuscany roads lajatico bocelli tuscany motorcycle bike itinerary route
The roads of Tuscany - Ph. F. Boscolo

San Gimignano

We start from Lucca and we move towards San Gimignano, a wonderful village that is absolutely worth a visit. Leaving the historic center behind us, we immediately immerse ourselves in a landscape of bright and warm colors. The heat of these days is starting to dry the grass and a slightly cloudy sky makes it a postcard. We travel slowly, enjoying and fully savoring what surrounds us, and then stop as soon as we find a suitable place to take pictures.

The Abbey of San Galgano and the sword in the stone

Once we arrive at our destination, we leave the motorcycles in the dedicated parking area and walk towards the Abbey, the entrance ticket includes entry through a room dedicated to the history of this incredible place, consisting of the Montesiepi roundabout and from the great abbey reduced only to the walls. The roof collapsed in 1786 when lightning struck the abbey bell tower, three years later it was deconsecrated and used as a stable until in 1926 the state recognized its cultural value, protecting it. The place is undoubtedly particular and suggestive and the intense blue of the sky is the roof of these ocher walls.

San Galgano Abbey tuscany motorcycle bike itinerary route
Abbey of San Galgano - Ph. F. Boscolo

From there we head towards the Rotonda di Montesiepi where it is possible to admire the the sword in the Stone. This sword was, in fact, stuck in the ground by Galgano who wanted to transform it into a cross following his conversion on Christmas day 1180, after having retired to a hermit life to give himself to penance from a disordered youth.

After an excellent lunch based on cold cuts and cheeses typical of the area, we get back on the saddle to return home and continue towards Volterra, where we found a real surprise.

The Theater of Silence

On the way, near lajatico, we see a sign indicating the Theater of Silence. As a novice from Tuscany (I moved from Veneto last year) I sling through it without thinking about it. We are enchanted: the amphitheater was created by exploiting the shape of the hill on which it is located and was inaugurated in July 2006 by the will of the singer Andrea Bocelli and hosts a show a year and at the center of the circular stage there is a different scenography from year to year, the one we find in front of us is called 'Wings of freedom' by Daniele Basso. On days when the theater is not in operation, the stalls are completely dismantled and the stage is transformed into an artificial lake.

We leave this place full of magic and take the road back where we come across a huge sculpture ad anello which stands out from a hill and frames the surrounding landscape, the Boldria di Mauro Staccioli.

volterra tuscany roads lajatico bocelli tuscany motorbike bike itinerary route
The Boldria of Staccioli - Ph. F. Boscolo

Tuscany is that region in which, wherever you turn, nothing is taken for granted and everything always, continuously manages to surprise you and give you unique images and emotions. What is certain is that on a motorcycle, everything takes on a definitely more introspective flavor and driving immersed in these landscapes always leaves you with enormous beauty.

SOURCEFederica and Thomas