TomTom Rider 550 and Road Trips

TomTom Rider 550 and the Road Trips platform: the future of TomTom and motorbike navigation seems almost upon us. Find out in the interview with Giuseppe Lemmolo.

The future of motorbike navigation is signed by TomTom and thousands of customers and motorcyclists around the world, that's why!

A EICMA 2019 we were guests of TomTom, now partner of Deus Ex Machina for 2020 events, to discover the new Rider 550 and the platform "Road Trips"Dedicated to all users and customers and usable even by those who are not yet.

So, while Joseph Lemmolo, TomTom Country Manager, talks to us about the features of the new Rider 550 and the features of Road Trips, we already understand why TomTom is writing the future of travel in motorcycle with these two "only" tools.

On the one hand, an increasingly advanced device, Rider 550, even more advanced and “sewn” on the motorcyclist's skin, with all the functions per fill the gap that existed between smartphone and gps navigator, Such as:

  • new processor (twice the processing speed and five times the startup speed)
  • type houses IPX7 able to protect from any weather and humidity conditions
  • wi-fi and bluetooth for updates and connectivity, compatible with Crab e GoogleNow
  • MyDrive app to plan, choose and transfer the chosen route from smartphone to navigator (winding, panoramic routes ...)
  • lifetime world maps, TomTom Traffic and Services (visit the page for more information)
tomtom rider 550
tomtom rider 550

A complete and evolved tool so that the journey makes the difference, without ever getting lost to the destination.

On the other side the platform TomTom Road Trips, tailored to the needs of drivers who have contributed over the past 20 years: how they drive on their commute, when they go to a new place and when they just want to enjoy the ride. Going on vacation, exploring, escaping, must be a pleasure, a life experience, also e especially to share, to make your trips unforgettable.

tomtom road trips
TomTom Road Trips

TomTom Road Trips is a platform where you can discover the most exciting driving routes from the TomTom community. You can customize the itineraries in the mountains, scenic roads, coastal routes, places to visit, restaurants, hotels and much more. On the platform there are nearly 3000 incredible road trips, for almost 2 million kilometers in length. Furthermore, the interface allows not only to create, But say change the routes existing based on your needs, draw inspiration from them and send them to your device for immediate use.

Now imagine how much, these two tools together will make it even easier, interesting and practical to organize a trip, without spending hours between different apps, sites, cables and devices.

Let's not add anything else for now, soon we will do a test dedicated to this perfect combination which has all the credentials to make motorcycle trips even more beautiful and unforgettable, leaving us "in the saddle" the pleasure of "escaping", driving and exploring the world. Stay tuned, indeed connected!


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