Passo Rombo by motorbike - Timmelsjoch

Passo Rombo in motion, also known as Timmelsjoch, is one of the most challenging and suggestive passes on the border between Italy and Austria in Tyrol.

Passo Rombo by motorbike - Timmelsjoch
Passo Rombo by motorbike - Timmelsjoch

Passo Rombo by motorbike: curves, hairpin bends and breathtaking views on the border between Austria and Italy. One of the most beautiful passes in Tyrol and the Alps.

The Passo del Rombo, directly connected to the Giovo Pass and the Strada dei Otzal glaciers, is a spectacular and challenging alpine pass to be tackled by motorbike.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.509
Length 49 Km
connection San Leonardo in Passiria - Zwieselstein
Number of hairpin bends 48
Winter closure From October to May
Road conditions and notes Very good condition. For info visit the site timmelsjoch. com

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An unforgettable experience

Our itinerario it reaches 2.500 meters above sea level, starting from the north, from the Strada dei Otzal glaciers and heads south towards St. Leonhard, where you can detour to Merano or towards Sterzing through Monte Giovo pass.

The step must be taken calmly and without worries, it is not difficult but requires a good driving technique passivated alpine. The positive side is that heavy vehicles are not allowed, so there are only us motorcyclists and other not so bulky cars.

Going towards Zwiselstein you will have a breathtaking view and wide hairpin bends overlooking the Tyrolean Alps. It stands between the Resia pass and step of the Brenner, and is also known as Timmelsjoch. The southern side, the Italian side, had already been built in 1933 by Mussolini but stopping just before the border for political reasons. The connection was first completed in 1959 on the Austrian side, then in 1968 the last kilometers of the pass were finally completed.

Useful Tips

In the summer, the traffic of motorcyclists and cars is considerable, which is why always pay attention, especially in the most demanding stretches. Watch out for speed cameras as always, here they are very strict with freaky and noisy motorcyclists. For information on viability you can consult the site timmelsjoch. com.

A few kilometers from the border stands the beautiful Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum, where you pay the toll for the Otzal Glacier Road. Unfortunately it was completely destroyed during a fire in the middle of winter, we hope it will soon come back to shine with as many models of motorcycle Worldwide.

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