Tibet by motorbike

Tibet by motorcycle: an incredible adventure in one of the most fascinating and evocative places in the world, not only for Everest and the other peaks but all the other wonders it offers.

Tibet by motorcycle, an adventurous journey but with attention to the smallest details for those who want to discover the Himalayas on two wheels.

We dream of the whole world, for this reason our motto will always be: "I haven't been anywhere but it's on the list." And an incredible country like Italy could not be missing from the list Tibet.

With winter just around the corner, the Tibetan motorcycle season (how good it sounds…) is nowhere near. For this reason, winter is the best time to plan a trip like this, especially if the days are numbered.

And who, like us, never has much time to send the motorcycle, or the means to make the trip from Italy, can count on tour operators, which are many ... But the reliable ones who rent BMWs, I know that there are very few. The partner we have selected is the synthesis of these two qualities.

The tours range from 10 days to 14 days, the rental bikes (from the GS 750 to the GS 1200) are all overhauled and checked before each tour, which is always accompanied by the support vehicles and the team that will take you to the roof of the world takes care of all logistics and organization.

Your only duty is to drive (with caution) and enjoy the show on your motorcycles.

- itineraries they are simply incredible and go through all the primary places to visit, up to the magnificent panorama of Mount Everest. Starting from Lhasa you will see Tibetan monasteries, glaciers, lakes and of course the highest peaks in Tibet, surrounded by unique panoramas that will be indelible to mind and heart.

For now we bring you a short teaser and some shots. For more information, you can contact tibeteasyrider.com directly and say that you are our readers.


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