Abruzzo by motorbike - Campo Imperatore the little Tibet

Campo Imperatore, the Abruzzo amusement park for motorcyclists in central Italy: a wonderful scenery to be discovered by motorbike, a stone's throw from the sky and less than two hours from Rome.

Campo Imperatore Abruzzo by motorbike
Campo Imperatore - Abruzzo by motorbike

Campo Imperatore also known as “Little Tibet” is two hours by road from Rome and is the most beautiful plateau in Italy to be discovered by motorbike.

Who has never been to Abruzzo put it at the top of the list of places to see at least once in their life, because a landscape like this will never forget it.

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Campo Imperatore by motorbike

We have defined it as a "Luna Park" because it can be reached from every side and traveled in any direction, as long as you arrive at theAstronomical Observatory to enjoy the movie panorama. Going up from Assergic for the pass of the Pit of Paganica, or from the medieval village of Castel del Monte for the the Capo la Serra pass, or from Farindola to Vado di Sole, the horizon extends, the spaces widen, the dimensions become immense when you look out onto Campo Imperatore. Located in the heart of the massif of Gran Sasso, inside the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, you travel at a variable altitude between 1500 and 1900 meters.

What to do and see

The plateau is characterized by the presence of laghetti circular in shape of modest depth, among which the Pietranzoni lake located in the center of the plateau with a wide view behind the Corno Grande. Worth a stop for a breath at high altitude and lots of photos.

road kebabs Campo Imperatore abruzzo motorcycleIn the south-east area of ​​Campo Imperatore, called Fonte Vetica, surrounded by the Monte Shirt we find the only wooded area of ​​the plateau. Nearby we find the so-called "Slaughterhouse area" which are points of fixed refreshments which sell cured meats, sausages, fresh meats and the much renowned arrosticini Abruzzo, like the famous Mucciante Refreshment. It is useless to suggest a stop, I know that you are already on google maps to locate the exact point to enjoy a breathtaking view and an excellent meal thanks to the special areas equipped with tables, stoves and barbecues. ph Di Ra Boe - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Accessibility to the plain is guaranteed all year round thanks to the Gran Sasso cable car, which from the locality Source Cerreto allows you to reach the hotel in Campo Imperatore, the ski resort station. During the winter, very often, the car accesses are closed due to snow, so it is always necessary to check the opening of the roads.

History and curiosity

The plateau is famous in the history of Italy for having been the last prison of Benito Mussolini in 1943, before being liberated by the Germans. His room in the Hotel Campo Imperatore, with its perfectly preserved original furnishings, is now a paid museum and is visited by the curious and nostalgic. The hotel itself is still fully functional today and nearby we find the small church of the Our Lady of the Snows.

Also if you want to visit the Marche or Umbria, you really are two passivated.

Where to eat and sleep