GIVI Easy T - How to set up an outdated motorcycle at a low cost

How to prepare a travel motorcycle with quality materials on a budget: Givi Easy T,, Anlas Capra R - Test and review

Our tour of Sardinia it was under the banner of "little expense, a lot of yield" but without sacrificing quality. With the Easy T line from Givi and a few other works we have put an old bike back in order and set it up for long journeys.

Often, when you have a bike that is dated or of below average value, you don't want to overbalance with the expenses for accessories and works, but sometimes it happens to make wrong choices. For this reason we tested the Givi travel line dedicated to those who love versatility and do not want to empty their wallet and did some work on the bike to grind many kilometers: this is how it went.

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  1. Givi Easy T
    1. Side bags
    2. Tank bag
    3. Saddle bags
  2. Restoration and spare parts
  3. Anlas Capra R tires

Let's start by motorcycle, a 650 BMW F2004GS that we took some time ago in La Spezia, where it was unfortunately left on the street in really bad condition. From here began a nice job of cleaning and refurbishing to use the bike for what it was designed, travel a lot and comfortably on any terrain, especially here between Gallura e East coast of Sardinia.

Givi Easy T

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BMW F650GS Dakar with GIVI Easy-T bags

The first thought in preparing the motorcycle for the trip, especially in order not to be ruined by the higher costs of hard suitcases or poor quality bags, was aimed at choosing the right luggage. Givi has recently launched the Easy-T line (where T stands for Travel) dedicated precisely to those who do not want to give up quality and functionality without emptying their wallet. In our test we especially appreciated the lightness and sturdiness of the materials, together with many small very useful features that only Givi is able, as always, to apply even on cheaper items.

Givi EA127 side bags

The side bags, model EA127, are primarily universal. In fact, they can be mounted on any type (or almost of motorcycle) with or without the aid of the side frames. They are very capacious and thanks to the thin plastic insert they keep the shape well both full and empty. They are expandable, can be attached under or over the saddle, and the main zip can be closed with a padlock.

givi ea127 soft side bags
Givi EA127

Internally, the bags house a waterproof bag where you can store clothes or other things away from rain, dirt and dust, very convenient to take out when we don't intend to disassemble the bags. An external pocket for what you need most at hand and an elastic net to attach other objects complete the product which in our opinion (and I admit I've always been skeptical about soft bags) satisfied us with flying colors throughout the trip. You can also switch them from one bike to another without any problem.

Givi EA138 tank bag

givi motorcycle bag ea138
Givi EA138

More than a bag, it is a practical bag that has turned out to be really perfect for the smaller size of our bike. It can be mounted with both traditional straps and magnets, is well padded, has a transparent pocket for a mobile phone or a small map, an external pocket for small objects and a fluorescent yellow waterproof cover. it is not expandable but can also be comfortably worn over the shoulder. Furthermore, being small in size, it does not hinder standing driving.

Givi EA144 and EA132 saddle bags

givi saddle bag ea132
Givi EA132

Having to carry the diving equipment on the bike rack, we alternated two saddle bags according to our needs. The EA138 is fixed to the saddle or to the luggage rack using traditional straps, and in our case we were able to fix it using the straps of the side bags. the bag is expandable With a comfortable net to fix small objects and with the waterproof external cover in fluorescent yellow.

givi tank seat bag ea144 tanklock
Givi EA144

Alternatively we used the EA144 bag, which attaches to the bike via a universal Tanklock plate which in turn can be fixed on the saddle, on the luggage rack and even on the tank. It is not expandable but it is very convenient when you want to get off the bike and take your belongings with you. This too has a waterproof cover and reflective inserts like the whole Easy-T line.

Restoration and spare parts

For the restoration of our BMW F650GS motorcycle we turned to specialized in the online sale of spare parts accessories for all motorcycles on the market, especially the older ones.

We chose the EBC front and rear brake discs, tablets sintered Brenta e complete clutch discs from TRK in addition to the crankcase gasket.

For the assembly of the spare parts we then entrusted the specialized workshop of Riders Revolution, the Benelli dealership e Moto Morini of Milan, where Davide's expert hands did an excellent job quickly.

Anlas Capra R tires

Last but not least, the tires, essential for an adventure on asphalt and off-road. In this case we have remained loyal to the Turkish company Anlas, whose products improve more and more year after year, for all types of terrain and weather conditions. They are in fact among the very few to put winter tires on the road.

anlas capra r test review
Anlas Capra R

We have chosen the Capra-R, perfect for maxi enduros and for those who want a road tire, without sacrificing off-road safety (and vice versa). The compound guarantees long life and excellent grip on asphalt, even on surfaces in poor conditions and in the wet. The block is not very marked but it allowed us to tackle all the dirt roads of the Sardegna without any worries, even in the most technical passages between stones and dust. Really a great alternative to the more famous (and more expensive) brands.