FD Motors F5-E electrical test: low cost, high yield!

We tested the FD Motors F5-E for you: this is how our test day went.

F5-E by FD Motors electric scooter high wheel
F5-E by FD Motors

FD Motors presents F5-E the most performing electric scooter, respectful of the environment, safe and elegant. Here is our test.

Those who live in the city need to move daily, often find themselves having to deal with the running costs of traditional "motor" scooters. For this reason, in addition to the growing need to pollute less, the electric scooter is proving to be the only real alternative, also for its economic advantages.

We have chosen the FD Motors F5-E, simply because it is undeniably more elegant than average, has the performance of a 125 and is perfect in the city and on short trips. It can also be a valid alternative to motorcycle in the city, when you prefer to use the latter on weekends and holidays.

F5-E by FD Motors electric scooter high wheel
F5-E by FD Motors

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Our test was conducted in the city, in regular traffic conditions and also in the company of the passenger.

As did

The first approach is certainly positive. The F5-E looks very elegant, even in the striking red color (also available in white or gray), beautiful black wheels. It's at high wheel, with tires of the right size to be agile in traffic and safe in all asphalt conditions (16 "front and 14" rear rim). There saddle it is comfortable and spacious: even two do not feel the need to let the passenger get off at the first traffic light (she too confirms the comfort of the seat).

F5-E by FD Motors electric scooter high wheel
Controls and tools

Il dashboard it has a modern look with a vintage style (with analog speedometer and digital information display). The controls are all close at hand and intuitive. The quality of the materials is good, even if moving the steering wheel from a standstill you can hear some squeaking of the plastic components.

F5-E by FD Motors electric scooter high wheel
Saddle, saddle pad and battery pack

La footboard it is spacious and perfect for storing your gym bag or shopping bags. The compartment under the saddle, if occupied by the pack of two batteries, it will be a bit narrow to accommodate a jet helmet, but still plenty for accessories as a chain, gloves and the rainproof set. To increase the load capacity you will be forced to mount a top case.

How are you

Always accustomed to the fluidity of the petrol engine and its management, the first impact with electric motors (especially on scooter) is always a bit jerky, in the sense that the first few times you feel the start a little abrupt due to the on/off effect of the engine electric. Don't worry, after a few traffic lights you will get carried away.

THEacceleration it is decisive and rewarding, with a nice boost up to around 55 km / h and a smoother progression from 60 km / h to 75 km / h of maximum speed (electronically limited). In the city and in traffic the scooter really is bright and fun. The pleasure is then amplified by the silence of the electric motor, which allows you to hear everything, transporting you to a different driving dimension from the one in which we all grew up.

F5-E by FD Motors electric scooter high wheel
Suspensions, wheels and brakes

Le suspensions, slightly stiff on the cobblestones, are however very well calibrated and convey a lot of safety when cornering, where we dared lean not exactly for urban driving. Even the tyres, with a slightly sporty cut, they keep you firmly on the ground.

We expected more engine braking, but it didn't. On the other hand thebraking system it is very well sized, well modulated and very effective even in two. Very nice and useful thing is there reverse gear, which is activated when stationary by inserting the four arrows: perfect when you park your car or you are with a passenger in the saddle.

F5-E by FD Motors electric scooter high wheel
F5-E by FD Motors - Caberg Levo helmet

THEautonomy declared varies from 70 Km to 90 Km. We have not experienced the actual duration of the 42Ah battery pack (the two batteries that can be seen under the saddle compartment), also because we have covered several sections in the day alone and in two, falsifying ordinary use. In any case, the scooter guarantees the complete movement from home to office passing through the gym, rather than the super or favorite bar, alone or in two, from the city center to the neighboring municipalities.

Certainly my "heavy hand", to capture its performance, and the passenger loaded up and down the city for photos and videos did not contribute to energy saving, but after a whole morning out and about we were still at 65% of the battery.

pros and cons

I benefits of the electric are undeniable: costs of maintenance ridiculous (the only real wear is the tires and pads); you will say goodbye to the weekly full tank of petrol (do the math) and charging costs they are intangible in the bill; optimal engine e cycling; comfort e safety even from thefts. The beauty of silence it is undeniable.

On the contrary, the electric scooter in general has a safety problem when driving in that they don't hear you coming: so watch out for pedestrians, children, cyclists, cars… The weight of the second battery at the top raises the center of gravity and its volume does not allow you to put a helmet under the saddle. Compared to petrol scooters, the start is a bit jerky. The real limit, in general for the electric, then remains the replacement of very expensive batteries after a few years of operation.

From the point of view of economic benefits instead there is only to gain: exemption from stamp duty for the first 5 years, subsidized insurance and then the state and regional incentives ranging from 30% up to 40% in the case of scrapping of a polluting vehicle (Euro 0,1,2,3).

Prices and information

Prices range from € 3.520 for the F3-E model (or € 2.654 with 30% incentive) to € 3.950 for the model F5-E, the one tested by us, (or € 2.979 with 30% incentive), including 22% VAT ex-dealer. The expected warranty is 24 months. All information can be found on the website of Italy2Volt.

Italy2Volt is a Lombard startup that operates as the exclusive importer and distributor for Italy of electric scooters made in China of the Jonway, FD Motors and Ecooter brands. The primary objective of I2V is to create a model for the development of two-wheeled electric mobility, capable of creating synergies between Italy and China, pledging to have a profound impact on the transition underway in a strategic sector such as the automotive sector.

For the test we used the flip up helmet Caberg Levo.