Ténéré Spirit 2022 - Adventure events with Yamaha

The calendar of events dedicated to the Yamaha Ténéré has been presented, for the most experienced riders, for those who love adventure and for those who are just starting out.

Ténéré Spirit adventure events adventure off-road calendar
Yamaha Ténéré Spirit 2022

The adventure in 2022 wears Yamaha colors and is called Ténéré Spirit. A calendar full of events and experiences for the twin-cylinder which is becoming popular among enthusiasts.

Il Ténéré Challenge, Ténéré Experience Discovery, Alps Tourist Trophy are the three main events that represent and interpret the Ténéré Spirit.

Content index

  1. Ténéré Challenge
  2. Ténéré Experience Discovery
  3. Alps Tourist Trophy
  4. Off-road Day 19 March 2022

Three completely different events, in terms of difficulty and approach, but capable of bringing out the best in those who, on the saddle, try to experience passion in a simple and authentic way. All activities are designed to ensure maximum flexibility and offer the support of professionals and pilots able to accompany the protagonists in the acquisition of valuable information to overcome any challenge, personal or sporting.

Ténéré Challenge

Ténéré Spirit adventure events adventure off-road calendar
Ténéré Challenge

Il Ténéré Challenge is inserted inside the Italian Motorally Championship and reserved for Tenére 700. To participate it will be sufficient to have the FMI competitive license and register for the races. The Yamaha organization present at each round will set up the paddock to welcome the Challenge riders. In addition to the great fun, the participants will be able to realize the dream of meeting the multiple champion Alessandro Botturi, which will reveal little secrets and driving techniques. Besides he will also be present Niccolo Pietribiasi, who after winning the Ténéré Challenge 2021, will be Alessandro's Team Mate in the Official Yamaha Rally Team.

Ténéré Experience Discovery

Important news this year is the Ténéré Experience Discovery, reserved for less experienced motorcyclists, who will be able to try their hand at a simpler and more accessible parallel path on the same dates as the Challenge. They will have a tutor who will guide them along the route to tackle off-road driving and navigation. A day full of adrenaline to get to know and experience the discipline of Motorally as protagonists.

colli pisani tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha tener 700 tuscany bike dirt roads
The white roads of Tuscany - Ph. M. Di Trapani

"The Ténéré was a great success right from the start, not only for its technical characteristics, but also and above all for its versatility: from motorcycle everyday to the companion of epic adventures. We are convinced that direct experience and sharing are the basis for giving even greater consistency to the choice of Ténéré. In 2022 we will enrich the program of experiences offered to our customers: from the selective Ténéré Challenge to the first passivated which lead to the discovery of the territory with the Discovery Experience: we want each customer to experience the pleasure of adventure based on their level of experienceHe declares Andrew Colombi, Yamaha Country Manager Italy.

Alps Tourist Trophy

Ténéré Spirit adventure events adventure calendar off-road off-road alps tourist trophy
Alps Tourist Trophy - Yamaha Ténéré Spirit 2022

Those who are already familiar with asphalt, rough terrain and dust and want to discover extraordinary scenarios and panoramas scattered in different locations of the Peninsula, can participate in the Alps Tourist Trophy, a circuit of motorcycle-touring events, with a ranking based on navigation skills and running regularity. The owners of Ténéré 700 will be given the special classification - Ténéré Adventourer, with the possibility of aiming for the final victory, which will open entry into the Yamaha team the Swank Rally in Sardinia at the end of September.

Off road day

A real "off road day", Saturday 19 March at Maggiora Off-Road Arena. In what is one of the times of the off-road vehicle, a sort of festival animated by test rides with the Ténéré will be staged, ATV tests, driving courses, many guests and surprises that will mark the beginning of all the events on the calendar.

All the details, the complete calendar of dates and information on the activities of the Ténéré Spirit are available on the Official site and from official Yamaha dealers.