Colli Pisani: dirt roads and ancient villages

The perfect solution to discover a breathtaking territory and to learn the secrets of off-roading directly from the champions.

colli pisani tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha tener 700 tuscany bike dirt roads
The Pisan Hills with Tom42 - Ph. M. Di Trapani

Motorcycle tour with Tom42 and Botturi to discover the villages, the dirt roads and the Pisan hills, among fields of lavender and wheat.

It took very few kilometers to fall in love with a piece of Italy, not very beaten but incredibly fascinating. We discovered it, on the road and off-road, driven by Alessandro Botturi riding the Yamaha Ténéré 700 with the Rally Ride Experience by Tom42 and now the Pisan hills are in our Top5 of the most beautiful roads in Italy.

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Our base camp for the weekend with Tom42 was thePoggio della Pieve farmhouse, an enchanting structure surrounded by wheat fields, managed by a great motor enthusiast.

colli pisani tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha tener 700 tuscany bike dirt roads
The white roads of Tuscany - Ph. M. Di Trapani

Santa Luce

The medieval village of the Romanesque period has recently become famous for the lavender fields that you will meet along the streets, but in reality its history has its roots in alabaster. Surrounded by ancient walls, in the small village you can visit: theecomuseum of alabaster in the former town hall and the famous Lama Tsong Khapa Buddhist Institute which hosted Richard Gere e Roberto Baggio.

Leaving the village you can stretch out to Marmolaio stream, between Castellina Marittima and Santa Luce, where the only one is located quarry in the tunnel di Echelon still existing, from which one of the best qualities of alabaster were extracted.

colli lavender pisani tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha tener 700 tuscany motorcycle dirt roads
The Lavender fields - Ph. Flora Aromatica

Castellina Marittima

After the quarries, we head south, following the link in alabaster which unites these villages ancient. Also in Castellina Marittima you can visit a ecomuseum dedicated to the extraction and what remains of the ancient fortress, the parish church of S. Giovanni Decollato, of Romanesque origin.

Throughout the area, local products give flavor to these magical hills: excellent quality oil and wine are produced by local companies in the "Colli Pisani" business network.

Pisan hills tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha tener 700 tuscany bike dirt roads lajatico bocelli
Lajatico, the Theater of Silence - Ph. M. Di Trapani


Christmas country of Andrea Bocelli, which every year performs outdoors in the famous Silence Theater, lajatico it is located on the hill overlooking the Era valley. The Old Town it is a real wedding favor, where music, art and elegance come together in a setting that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Nearby you can visit the village of Orciatic, from whose fortress you can enjoy a splendid view of Valdera and Monte Pisano. Towards Volterra instead it is found the Medici Villa of Spedaletto, one of the places where Lorenzo the Magnificent stayed. In the south-west direction there is the imposing Rocca of Pietracassia, built by the Lombards to guard the road that led to the copper mines of Montecatini.

colli pisani tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha keep 700 tuscany bike dirt roads lajatico
With Alessandro Botturi in Lajatico - Ph. M. Di Trapani

Rally Ride Experience by Tom42

Who wants to discover this beautiful land in motorcycle, On Strade Bianche Tuscan, can also do it accompanied by an exceptional pilot, Alessandro Botturi, With the Rally Ride Experience di Tom42.

colli pisani tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha tener 700 tuscany bike dirt roads
Yamaha Tenere 700 - - Ph. M. Di Trapani

The school founded and managed by Toni Merendino, collaborate with Yamaha which makes about 12 very agile students available Yamaha Ténéré 700, and it will be right the Bottu, winner of 2 Africa Eco Race, to accompany you both on the educational and tourist routes.

Tom42's courses are held all year round with many itineraries and destinations different, for more information you can visit the website.

Where stay

If, on the other hand, you want to spend a weekend by motorbike, by car or by bike among fields of wheat and lavender, you can always contact Dario Fortini to spend your nights in the Poggio della Pieve. Dario is a passionate motorcyclist and expert guide of the area, ready to accompany you on many adventures in the Pisan hills.

colli pisani tom42 alessandro botturri yamaha tener 700 tuscany bike dirt roads
The Poggio della Pieve - Ph. M. Di Trapani

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