TCX boots ST Fighter Gore-Tex

TCX Boots ST-Fighter in Gore-Tex: track and sport touring boots for 4 seasons and all weather conditions. Here is our review.

TCX boots ST Fighter Gore-Tex
TCX boots ST Fighter Gore-Tex - Photo by Fabio Casuccio

In TCX Boots, synonymous with excellence in the production of motorcycle boots and shoes, with the ST-Fighter in Gore-Tex they have truly surpassed themselves.

We are not used to always being "wide of the sleeve" in our reviews so immediately, but after several months of intense use of stivali of TCX, which we took on purpose for the many kilometers we do all year round, now we can really talk to you about how they are.

Let's start from the beginning, perhaps the most important factor, even if the name can be deceiving, TCX is an Italian company and was the first in the sector to introduce CE Certification on all its products.

How they are

The look is undeniably sexy, dark and worthy of its name. The cuts in the leather, the seams, the protective inserts, the sole are all perfectly integrated into one silhouette sporty and aggressive but without losing its elegance.

The materials are obviously of the highest quality and you can touch it with your hand: the microfiber, the zip, the sole transmit quality and longevity. The grip on the footboards and on the asphalt has always been excellent, both in the rain and on those hateful spots of diesel fuel from the gas station.

The protections consist of the patented TCS® Torsion Control System, the tibia and heel reinforcement in polyurethane and the polyurethane pad integrated into the sole to which the interchangeable slider is added.

Inside we find instead an excellent breathable Ortholite® footbed with cushioning and the Gore-Tex membrane that really makes the difference.

TCX boots ST Fighter Gore-Tex
TCX boots ST Fighter Gore-Tex - Photo by Fabio Casuccio


Beyond the use on the track, where you know, the boots must fit like gloves, our choice for the thousands of kilometers we travel on asphalt every year with all types of motorcycle, has fallen on this particular model for the following reasons:

  1. we needed a sport / racing boot to use with motorcycles athletic, touring, cafe racer, naked and that it was still comfortable enough to go around even on foot to discover the many places of the our itineraries;
  2. we hate boot covers, we always have little space or small bags, and we were looking for a 4-season sports boot, so that we could only bring a pair of sneakers for the time "off the saddle" (thanks to Gore-Tex you can leave with just one pair of boots for all weather conditions).

How are they doing

The boots fit very well, like a sports glove. At the beginning you feel a slight pressure in the front part of the foot, which disappears after a few hours from the first use, but without giving too much. The zip and velcro closure wraps the ankle and leg very well, giving an excellent feeling of security. The protections are really well studied, their presence is felt only by touching them with the hand, but they are not felt when walking and do not hinder driving movements. The feeling with the footrests and levers is excellent, you "feel" everything without ever feeling any discomfort, pressure or tingling, even after so many hours.

TCX boots ST Fighter Gore-Tex
TCX boots ST Fighter Gore-Tex - Photo by Fabio Casuccio

We took heat, wind, dirt, cold and lots of water without almost ever regretting our winter touring boots or summer sneakers. Exactly, the quasi refers to extreme situations, that is 40 degrees in summer, when you sweat even with All-Star in fabric (consequently also with any other motorcycle boot) and the zero degrees of the Lombard roads in December, when it is cold even with the most classic padded touring boots. Of so much rain, the only time they got wet inside was our fault with the tracksuit because the leather pants were tucked into the boots, consequently the water came to wet the ankles a little, showing hence the high external impermeability of the hull and how breathable the Gore-Tex membrane is.

Our final grade is therefore a nice 9, while as far as prices are concerned, we start from 239,99 € of ST-Fighter standard, to get to the 289,99 € of price list for those tested with Gore-Tex membrane.

Photo by Fabio Casuccio