Small tank bags from SW-Motech

Motorcycle accessories - Tank bags: SW-Motech amazes everyone for quality and dimensions to a minimum for a perfect trip.

Tank bags: quick release or traditional, waterproof, roomy without bothering, perfect for having what you need close at hand.

Telepass, mobile phone, gopro, reflex, gloves, wallets, power banks, keys… the list of small (and annoying) things to cram into pockets and bags is really long. We therefore accepted the invitation of SW-Motech, now famous for design and quality, to try their small tank bags: Enduro LT (Lite) Bag (with straps) and the EVO Daypack tank bag.

The two bags differ mainly in the attachment, as materials and capacities are practically identical: 5-7,5 liters for the Enduro LT e 5-9 liters for the EVO Daypack. They may seem few or many once expanded, but we can guarantee you that during the many "folds" made on board the BMW F750GS (the road version of the F850) we never had the slightest discomfort, neither visual nor physical, practically like not having them.

La EVO Daypack tank bag first of all it is very convenient for it quick release, Quick-Lock tank ring mounted on the ring nut of the tank, and it adapts to practically every type, brand and model of motorcycle. In addition to reflective profiles, waterproof cover, ballistic nylon, internal and external pockets, it was able to accommodate (without expanding it) our reflex, wallet, gopro, keys, gloves ... detaching in a few seconds to take it with us to the bar. Traveling stable and fixed as if it were screwed. Aerodynamic and discreet, it really makes you forget the horrid look of old tank bags, magnetic or otherwise. It also features a safety and is designed for GPS or cell phone pocket modules, to be purchased separately together with the right ring for your bike. The retail price is Euro 119,95.

La Enduro LT (Lite) Bag it is instead a more traditional bag, with strap attachment, one front to pass around the frame or other and two rear side to tie where it does not interfere with driving. We used the frame of the F750 GS and the straps remained well attached to the tank with the bag following the lines of the bike perfectly. Even while driving standing up we never had any problems with maneuvering or driving. It is therefore excellent for adults GS, african twin and all maxi-enduro, dual and naked / scrambler. The bag detaches in a few seconds from its zip, which obviously has more play than the Quick-Lock attachment, but has always remained there as full as the previous one. Expanded it has less capacity due to the irregular shape but on the other hand it already has the transparent pocket for the mobile phone. The retail price is Euro 69,95.
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