SW-MOTECH Drybag 80 - Test and Review

Perfect for all weather conditions and however you choose to use it, the result is a clean, low-profile look.

SW-MOTECH Drybag 80 waterproof motorcycle bag

SW-MOTECH Drybag 80 is watertight, small, resistant and binds everywhere, from the luggage rack to the paramotor, ideal for adventures and motorcycle trips.

We tried it and scrambled it in the rain, in the mud, in the dust both during the Rally dell'Umbria and in normal off-road outings. First of all it's watertight: whatever you put inside stays dry even in the most violent storm or mud spray. It can be mounted on the tail of the motorcycle, on top of a bag or on engine guards. All straps make it easy to assemble in under a minute, and you can zip it up when empty or not fully charged. The high quality of SW-Motech is literally tangible and is noticeable just by looking at the details and materials.

During our off-road day we carried: 2 inner tubes, a pressure gauge, gloves extra and a rain jacket, isn't that enough? And the extra straps turn it into a carry bag when you leave the bike, in case you have a camera, wallet, phone or other inside.

SW-MOTECH Drybag 80 It is tear, abrasion, hole and impact resistant, waterproof and UV resistant, with a clean, low profile appearance.


  • Universal mounting on all types of motorcycles.
  • It can be mounted as a tail bag, tank bag, on the engine guard and as a pouch.
  • Material: Tarpaulin
  • Color: Black / Anthracite
  • Measures: 35 cm x 19 cm x 9 cm

Public price € 59,95

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