Suzuki Way2ride

SUZUKI WAY2RIDE: First Drive then Decide whether to buy it

Suzuki Way2ride V-Strom 650
Suzuki V-Strom 650

From today the participating Suzuki motorcycle dealers will be able to offer customers WAY2RIDE, a new convenient and flexible purchase formula, studied with Findomestic specialists.

Those who choose to access this loan will be able to jump immediately on the saddle motorcycle of his dreams by paying a small advance and then paying in convenient monthly installments for two or three years, after which he will decide whether to keep the bike, return it or switch to a new Suzuki.

Freedom is not just being able to move without constraints, ready to head for any destination. Freedom is also being able to choose a purchase formula different from the classic ones, which allows you to adapt the payment method according to your wishes and which will allow you to review your choices one day, offering a wide range of possibilities.

Suzuki has developed a great deal of experience in the automotive world and is now ready to offer its two-wheeled customers a new purchasing system inspired by those much appreciated in the automotive sector. The formula bears the name WAY2RIDE and was developed with the collaboration of Findomestic specialists.

A rational choice

WAY2RIDE is a flexible financial tool, which allows the motorcyclist to immediately get behind the wheel of his Suzuki, paying an advance and paying convenient monthly installments for two or three years. Upon signing the contract, the customer has the right to modulate the initial payment and the amount of the 24 or 36 installments, to arrive at a predetermined Guaranteed Future Value. The Customer will decide whether to give a higher deposit and then have lower installments or whether to distribute the amount in a different way over time. At the end of the financing plan, the motorcyclist will still be faced with three options:

- pay the amount with a maxi final installment and keep the bike

- return it to the dealer without paying anything more

- replace it with another brand new Suzuki in case your mobility needs or even just your wishes have changed in the meantime.

Clarity and convenience

WAY2RIDE is therefore Suzuki's answer to the many motorcyclists looking for an innovative, practical and customizable purchasing system. Its features make it the most advantageous solution for those who do not want to pay the entire amount due to delivery as well as for those who always aim to ride a recent bike, in line with the latest trends and equipped with all the most modern technologies.

Suzuki WAY2RIDE can be used by those who choose a vast assortment of models from the Hamamatsu motorcycle range. Those who buy any example of the V-Strom 1000 family, both standard and XT, as well as in the special Feel More and Globe Rider configurations, can choose whether to develop the financing plan over a period of two or three years and the same applies to clients V-Power 650, GSX-S1000 and katana. On the other hand, those who choose the naked GSX-S750, in all its configurations and colors, for the moment have the option of a duration of 36 months *

One more advantage

Those who subscribe to a WAY2RIDE loan can also count on another important advantage, namely the free extension of the official Suzuki Smile warranty from two to four years which, in addition to ensuring an economic advantage of 200 euros, guarantees complete coverage on all components of the motorcycle. This allows you to ride more peacefully for the entire period in which the installments will be paid and then to enjoy additional coverage, always with roadside assistance included, if at the conclusion of the plan you decide to keep the bike, paying the final maxi installment.

Finally, WAY2RIDE can be integrated with optional services such as credit insurance and total insurance relating to fire and theft, which in the first two years reimburses the customer the full sales value for the repurchase in the same dealer of a motorcycle identical to the one. been lost.

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