Suzuki V-Strom Tour 2020

Registrations for the Suzuki V-STROM TOUR 2020 are starting from 13 March to the end of June: an opportunity to try the new 1050XT at official dealers.

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New V-Strom 1050 XT

From our website Registrations have now opened for the V-STROM TOUR 2020, which will start on March 13 and will end at the end of June.

The initiative will allow enthusiasts to try the new Suzuki V-STROM 1050XT for free at the Suzuki dealer network.

The Tour will be divided into about fifty events that will touch the whole national territory, including the major islands.

After conquering the public of EICMA and the Motor Bike Expo, the V-STROM 1050XT is ready to debut on the road and to give great emotions to all fans who want to try it for themselves. In fact, registrations are now open for the V-STROM TOUR 2020, the initiative that from mid-March to the end of June will bring the test rides of the new Hamamatsu Sport Enduro Tourer to the Suzuki dealer network with a series of itinerant events.

Everyone in the saddle

The rehearsals will be concentrated mainly on weekends and each appointment will give participants the opportunity to spend pleasant moments in a convivial and friendly atmosphere. To cover every part of Italy with the V-STROM TOUR 2020, Suzuki will create two structures, which will move throughout the country, from North to South, stopping every weekend in different locations. In this way they will give as many fans as possible the opportunity to get on the V-STROM 1050XT and experience its extraordinary qualities first-hand. Suzuki knows very well how important it is for every motorcyclist to try one thoroughly motorcycle in order to then make an informed purchase choice. For this reason, the test rides will last approximately 45 minutes and will be preceded by a short technical presentation that will allow, once on the road, to better appreciate the characteristics of the V-STROM 1050XT.

On Friday 13 March Gambino moto from Palermo will open the 2020 V-STROM TOUR season, while the following day the test rides will take place at Euromoto Gorini, in Brescia, and Saladino moto, in Castelvetrano (TP). There Sicilia it will be the protagonist again on Sunday 15, when the Tour will stop at the Pleiadi dealer in Palermo, while at the same time other tests will be held by Duilio moto, in Magreta (MO).

Perfect symbiosis between motorbike and rider

The Suzuki V-STROM 1050XT immediately captures the attention with a captivating line, inspired by the legendary DR Big and DR-Z, the first bikes to adopt the beak front at the end of the Eighties, which many manufacturers have then imitated over time. Observing the V-STROM 1050XT closely you can appreciate the constructional care of every detail, from the refined LED arrows, to the aluminum supports of the adjustable windshield, to get to the sturdy rubber-coated footpegs. These create a perfect triangulation with the variable section aluminum handlebars and the saddle, which is adjustable in two positions to put any rider at ease, which also enjoys optimal protection from the air. The passenger in turn travels comfortably and has a large portion of the saddle at his disposal, as well as practical handles integrated into the solid luggage rack supplied as standard. Once in motion, the chassis, with its double aluminum beam frame and fully adjustable suspension, instills immediate confidence. The bike executes the rider's commands as if following his gaze, tracing perfect trajectories. The twin-cylinder engine has a smooth and clean progression, with generous torque right from low revs. It is up to the rider to decide how to exploit the over 107 HP of power by choosing between three different mappings with the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector.

The V-STROM 1050XT is fitted as standard with numerous other electronic devices that enhance its versatility, such as the traction control that can be adjusted on three levels and can be deactivated, the #PartiFacile hill start assistance and the #FrenaInPiega and #FrenaSicuro systems. The first is an intelligent and adjustable ABS on two levels, which modifies its intervention logic according to the angle of the curve. The second system modulates and distributes the braking on the basis of the load detected and the risk of the rear wheel lifting when descending. All the devices are managed in an integrated way by the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System, which communicates with a Bosch inertial platform capable of monitoring the movements of the bike in six directions along three axes at all times.

The standard equipment of the V-STROM 1050XT includes many other important elements, such as the aluminum crankcase guards, hand guards, center stand and engine guard tubes. I am accessories that many rivals offer only for a fee and that make this Suzuki the perfect bike to travel on the roads and trails around the world, “The Master of Adventure”.

How to book your test at the V-STROM TOUR 2020

Taking part in the V-STROM Tour 2020 is very simple. To register, simply connect to the site and register online, then selecting the date and location where you want to do the test ride. For each appointment, the site provides the exact address of the place from which the tests start and allows you to immediately check the availability of a motorcycle in the different time slots provided for the outings on the street, which during the morning start at approximately 9 to resume in the afternoon at 14 pm, after a lunch break. Each lap has an expected duration of approximately 45 minutes and takes place on roads open to traffic, behind a forerunner of the Suzuki organization.

The various stages of the V-STROM TOUR may be subject to variations or cancellations in the event of particularly adverse weather conditions or other needs.


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