Suzuki V-Strom Academy - At the school of maxi enduro

Suzuki V-Strom Academy is confirmed also in 2019 as one of the best driving schools for maxi-enduro thanks to the experience of Davide Degli Esposti and the eclectic Suzuki V-Strom XT 650 and 1000 cc

Suzuki V-Strom Academy, the official off-road school to learn how to drive your maxi enduro on the most difficult terrain.

After the great success of last season, Suzuki proposes its V-Strom Academy, the driving course based on teaching the basic principles of off-road driving and to discover the potential of Suzuki all-rounders: V-Strom 650 XT and 1000 XT.

The course is masterfully conducted by Davide Degli EspostiEx pilot world cross and super cross, which makes all its knowledge of the world available to the participants off and of these motorcycle truly performing and multipurpose.

The chosen location is a dream: it is the Castello of Luzzano, immersed in the Pavia vineyards, where the asphalted roads blend harmoniously with the Strade Bianche, to be covered strictly standing on the bike.

we at Moto Excape we were guests on the first day, the one dedicated to the basic course, where the mantra is: leave slowly, breathe, repeat what to do.

The course is run by one competent and technical staff which makes joviality and hospitality one of its strong points. Nothing is missing: you start the day with a welcome coffee break, followed by an introductory briefing with the first static exercise: the right posture on the bike, sitting and above all standing.

Assign bikes (V-Strom 650 and 1000 as standard with knobby tires Anlas Capra-X) we leave for a short journey of 5 kilometers on asphalt, in which each participant becomes familiar with the vehicle. The last 500 meters are a dirt road mixed with grass where the staff is ready to lend a hand in case someone doesn't feel like facing this small obstacle in the cold.

Arrived at the test field, the mechanics await us customize the commands based on our needs: lever heights of the cultural, , brakes, clutch to allow us to face the day in total symbiosis with the mechanical vehicle.

We come to course, structured in two phases: a first, in which Davide and Alessandro introduce the exercise in theory, to then repeat it live like a real tutorial, and a second, where it's up to us to put into practice what we have learned, followed step by step by the instructors in a circuit designed and built to ensure total safety for participants.

The watchword is: there is no competition, you just have to learn and especially have fun.

After each work session, a video review of our test awaits us, where, between a slice of cake and a glass of water, we are told where and how we can improve.

The morning is dedicated to learning driving techniques by assuming the right posture first sitting and then standing, keeping a low speed, almost always in first gear. Legs tight on the tank, feet on the platforms and back inclined correctly and shoulders to work in harmony with the arms in a wide position. Acquired the basics ofoff, we move on to the exercise with which we learn to keep control of the bike with speeds that touch zero: right foot to work on the rear brake, clutch to dose the throttle never closed.

The lunch break is at Castle customs, where we arrive aboard the nostre motorcycles, now all well aware and masters of performance and their disarming ease of use.

A harmony is created between the staff and the participants that makes you forget who is who and what they do: we have lunch as in a quiet and common day with friends who are passionate about motorcycles.


After lunch we return to the driving range, now aware of our abilities ready to face the second part of the course, which includes an addition to the track designed to erase our muscle memory of the morning track and to force us to "see" the direction of the new track.

In the afternoon we learn the right braking technique which involves gradually using the rear brake in collaboration with the front brake and moving the body to balance the bike. We start with the braking test only with the rear, then add the front without abs and then with abs

Driving these bikes is really easy. Furthermore Suzuki has made two displacements perfect for tourism and non-specialist off-road vehicle with the advantage of being practically full optional: traction control, & FabLab, and inertial platform for 1000.

But we are not all (yet) owners of these two-wheeled jewels. Davide therefore modifies the Traction Control level to a minimum (from two to one), to make our pulse more aware of the delivery, moreover the abs is mechanically removed (from the fuse compartment) to make us understand even more deeply what it means. braking without aids on dirt roads. I remind you that these are all operations carried out under the super vision of qualified technical personnel.

Time held up until 17pm. By mutual agreement, we return to the Castle for the final briefing and the delivery of diplomas for participation in what was once a perfect day is preferably used for training,assistance, safety, professionalism of the whole team and the wonderful atmosphere that has been created among everyone. For more information visit

We used: Premier Helmets (helmets), Alpinestars (stivali), Anlas Capra-X (tires).

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