Suzuki riding school GSX-R Racing Academy

In 2021, a track driving school dedicated to the GSX-R will start for the first time in Italy. Participants can choose whether to use their own #motorbike or rent one.

GSX-R Academy - S. Guintoli
GSX-R Academy - S. Guintoli

In 2021, for the first time in Italy, a track driving school dedicated to the GSX-R will start, including tracks such as Misano and Mugello.

On the wave of the success recorded for the V-Strom Academy, which closed its third season of activity with great satisfaction, Suzuki has decided to give life to a new school, this time dedicated to sport driving on the track: the GSX-R Racing Academy. The initiative, which will start in 2021, will offer sports driving enthusiasts and GSX-R lovers the opportunity to experience exciting days among the curbs of the most famous Italian circuits and to perfect their driving technique. The appointments of the GSX-R Racing Academy will take place on prestigious tracks such as the Misano World Circuit and the Mugello Circuit and motorcyclists will be able to choose whether to attend the courses with their own GSX-R or rent a GSX-R1000R among those made available to the 'Academy.


The Suzuki GSX-R has embodied the essence of two-wheeled sportiness for over 35 years. Motorcyclists of various generations have been won over by its unparalleled capabilities and performance, further enhanced naturally in all conditions of use, on the road as well as on the track. Precisely in this context, in which the GSX-R has achieved countless victories, specific preparation is however essential to make the most and in safety the extraordinary potential of the GSX-R. A continuous evolution that, over the years, has brought significant improvements in terms of power, standard equipment and advanced electronic systems that make the GSX-R the queen of Suzuki super sports cars.
The combination of all these elements has raised the bar of performance and has made it more essential than ever to learn precise concepts and an advanced driving technique to have fun with awareness and in total safety.
Starting from these assumptions, Suzuki has therefore decided to start the GSX-R Racing Academy in 2021, a driving school on the track that sees the GSX-R at the center of the project.


The course is suitable for those who already have a good confidence in driving on the road but want to transform the notions of safe driving into a sporty key, to the driver who wants to know the GSX-R1000R in the more racing aspect, before finalizing the purchase. The course is also aimed at GSX-R owners eager to test the qualities of the motorcycle in total safety.


The GSX-R Academy will offer amateurs the opportunity to spend an unforgettable day on the track driving one of the most desired super sports bikes on the market under the supervision of qualified instructors. The courses will aim to improve the understanding and mastery of trajectories, familiarize yourself with the curves from the point of view of sport driving, learn the limits and manage the reactions of a motorcycle, will include an educational program that will alternate short theoretical sessions with tests of driving on the track.
The briefings will cover topics such as safety on the track, the ideal driving position, the correct trajectories, the operation of the technological devices present on the GSX-R1000R (such as Traction control, Abs cornering and Launch control) and suspension tuning.

NB: The 2021 calendar of the GSX-R Racing Academy is still being defined.