Suzuki GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

Suzuki GSX-R1000R Legend Edition will be available from today on the web store and can only be ordered online.

Suzuki GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Suzuki GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

The GSX-R1000R becomes legend: the special series celebrates the 7 world titles of Suzuki riders in the premier class of the World Championship

GSX-R1000R Legend Edition will be available from today on the web store and can only be ordered online.

The Legend Edition specimens offer exclusive colors that replicate the graphics of the motorcycle with which the seven drivers' world titles were won; they are also enriched by the Akrapovic silencer and the cover for the passenger seat. The GSX-R1000R Legend Edition is inspired by the winning bikes of Sheene, Lucchinelli, Uncini, Schwantz, Roberts Jr. and Mir and will be sold at a price of 22.500 Euros.

The dream of those who want to combine the best of modern motorcycle technology with an aesthetic inspired by that of the legendary Suzuki winners in the premier class is about to come true. Anyone can book by connecting to the site, a GSX-R1000R Legend Edition in one of the seven exclusive colors, bikes that have written the history of Suzuki but also that have entered the annals of motorcycling with the successes of the various Sheene, Lucchinelli, Uncini, Schwantz, Roberts Jr. and Mir.

The Suzuki GSX-R1000R Legend Edition, authentic series specials, are made with the best quality standards and obsessive attention to every detail to make them unique and unrepeatable.

This limited edition is also enriched by two accessories that emphasize sportsmanship. Whichever livery is chosen, each GSX-R1000R Legend Edition is delivered with a matching single-seat cover, for a clearly racing-inspired look.

To complete the customization, an approved Akrapovic silencer, perfect for making the line more gritty and the response to every stroke of the accelerator more exciting.
The GSX-R1000R Legend Edition is on sale at the price of 22.500 Euros (ex-dealer VAT included)

A story to be discovered

The Suzuki Legends website takes us back to the past, discovering the glorious history of all the riders who have won a World Championship in the premier class riding a Suzuki. Their deeds are described through spectacular photos and exciting videos, as well as interviews with the champions themselves and those who have been by their side on the slopes. Each Hamamatsu standard bearer has a dedicated page, where it is also possible to admire the GSX-R1000R Legend Edition that celebrates his achievements.

The seven wonders

Each variant of the Suzuki GSX-R1000R Legend Edition re-proposes color combinations that have entered the history of motorcycling, skilfully adapted to the sleek and aerodynamic shapes of the GSX-R1000R. There are seven colors available, one for each world title.

1976 - Barry Sheene

Barry Sheene 1976 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Sheene 1976 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

The GSX-R1000R Legend Edition that pays homage to the RG500 with which Barry Sheene won the first World Championship in the 500 Class for Suzuki in 1976 wears the colors of the famous Team Heron - Texaco and sports the unmistakable number 7 of the English rider. The dominant colors are white and red, separated by a two-tone black and yellow stripe, as well as yellow is the large S on the tank.

1977 - Barry Sheene

Barry Sheene 1977 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Sheene 1977 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

In 1977 Barry Sheene was able to repeat the success of the previous year riding an evolved Suzuki RG500. The GSX-R1000R Legend Edition inspired by this bike returns to play with the colors of Team Heron-Texaco but sees large black Suzuki lettering appear, while yellow gains more space on the superstructures. The 7 is once again present, as the eccentric Sheene was the first prominent Circus driver to stick with a specific number.

1981 - Marco Lucchinelli

Lucchinelli 1981 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Lucchinelli 1981 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

The third GSX-R1000R Legend Edition celebrates the 500 Class World Championship won in 1981 by Marco Lucchinelli for Team Gallina. In this case the upper and lower part of the bike are in dark blue, while white dominates in the central part. The other characterizing elements are some red accents, the yellow table with the number 5 and the star that was lucky charm for Lucky.

1982 - Franco Uncini

Hooks 1982 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Hooks 1982 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

In 1982 the Gallina Team was able to bring the RG500 to victory in the World Championship again, this time with Franco Uncini and with other colors. The GSX-R1000R Legend Edition, which reproduces the appearance of that bike, is dressed in blue and sees the fairing, the tank and the tail moved by a colorful band that goes from white to dark blue also passing through light blue. This time the number 13 stands out on the yellow tables.

1993 - Kevin Schwantz

Schwantz 1983 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Schwantz 1983 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

The GSX-R1000R Legend Edition dedicated to Kevin Schwantz offers the same glance as the RGV-Γ 500 with which the Texan acrobatic rider took the world champion success in 1993. The color scheme is typical of the sponsor at the time, the Lucky Strike, with white and red great protagonists and military green and black as a side dish. In the impossibility of using the original tobacco brand, the scene is all for the famous number 34.

2000 - Kenny Roberts Jr.

Kenny Roberts Jr 2000 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Kenny Roberts Jr 2000 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

The bright blue and the typical yellow checkered design make clear the link between the sixth GSX-R1000R Legend Edition and the RGV-Γ 500 driven by Kenny Roberts Jr in 2000, when the American rider was able to beat the competition as an outsider. A wide yellow band gives impetus to the bellies of the hull, while above the headlight and on the sides of the tail dominates the number 2 brought to the race that season by Roberts.

2020 - Joan Mir

Mir 2020 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition
Mir 2020 - GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

To celebrate the world championship just won by Joan Mir, Suzuki Italy has decided to create the seventh GSX-R1000R Legend Edition with the Anniversary livery of Team Ecstar's GSX-RR and the number 1. In this case the blue and silver slate that recall the 60th anniversary of Suzuki's debut in the world championship and 100th anniversary of its foundation are the setting for some golden details, similar to those chosen by the Majorcan pilot for the celebrations. This is a different livery than that of the Anniversary version which was launched in 2020.

How to pre-order the GSX-R1000R Legend Edition

Booking the GSX-R1000R Legend Edition is simple and safe. Suzuki has a long experience in e-commerce and its web store has proven procedures that allow you to proceed with the utmost simplicity with each operation.
The booking process is very simple:
• Choose a legend
• Choose the dealer
• Enter the email (to be contacted)
• Pay the deposit (500 euros with PayPal or with prepaid, credit or payment cards)

After sending a confirmation e-mail, the customer will be contacted by the dealer to finalize the purchase and arrange delivery.

Between the road and the track

Suzuki GSX-R1000R Verona MBE 2020

The GSX-R1000R is the most iconic sports car on the market, the perfect model to establish a link between the road and the world of racing. In its history the GSX-R lineage has reaped victories on tracks all over the world, also triumphing in the last World Endurance Championship and the GSX-R1000R embodies its latest evolution. To design it, Hamamatsu engineers used the experience gained with the GSX-RR from MotoGP, with a transfer of technology made evident for example by the SR-VVT (Suzuki Racing-Variable Valve Timing) variable valve timing system. Its adoption allows to optimize the performance of the engine along the entire supply curve. The GSX-R1000R reaches a maximum power of 202 hp, with a peak torque of 118 Nm and with exceptional elasticity from low revs. The chassis has a perfect balance. The GSX-R1000R proves docile and stable even at the highest speeds. From a technical point of view, the Showa BFF fork stands out, featuring exceptional smoothness and a lightened top plate, and a special slot in the frame. This opening allows you to vary the position of the swingarm pivot for a precise and effective set-up as on a racing bike. The equipment of the GSX-R1000R includes a complete package of electronic devices that help the rider to fully exploit the potential at his disposal. Standard are therefore the electronic traction control adjustable on 10 levels, the bidirectional quickshifter with auto-blipper, the launch control and the ABS with cornering function, which adjusts its intervention according to the lean angle.

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