Suzuki - Safe reopening of dealerships

Suzuki motorcycle dealers reopen in conditions of maximum safety. Discover the Suzuki web store and the Suzuki Smart Buy program.

Suzuki Moto dealerships reopening
Suzuki Moto dealerships reopening

Suzuki motorcycle dealers reopen in compliance with the DPCM in force and in conditions of maximum safety.

The dealers invite you to test your favorite model and it will be possible to book until next May 18th motorcycle e scooter through the Suzuki web store and the Suzuki Smart Buy program.

Phase 4 has started since May 2 and will gradually ferry us out of the emergency, now the measures are less stringent, the containment rules, introduced by the Government to counter the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, will allow us greater freedom of movement than to those that characterized the total closure. Since last Monday, Suzuki Moto dealers have therefore been able to reopen their doors to the public and return to operation in rough conditions safety, or respecting the prohibition of crowding the premises and the obligation to use personal protective equipment. Suzuki authorized dealers and workshops are ready to satisfy every customer need in the best possible way and to allow anyone to find in Suzuki motorcycles and scooters a practical and effective, as well as fun, mobility solution.

The winning answer

In this moment, when the country has to think about how to reorganize travel and transport, two-wheelers represent more than ever a practical and safe alternative. Jumping on a motorbike or scooter means bypassing traffic, quickly reaching any destination and avoiding crowded places, ensuring a concrete advantage for oneself and, indirectly, for the entire population.

A concrete advantage

Those who already have clear ideas about what their next Suzuki will be can take advantage of a good opportunity for a few more days. The Suzuki Smart Buy program will be active until May 18, the digital initiative gives everyone the opportunity to book a motorcycle or scooter through the proven Suzuki e-commerce platform. The operation, simple and fast, can be done in peace from home, at any time of the day. Once inside the web store, just select the preferred dealership, log in to the MYSUZUKI area after registration and then book the chosen model by paying a small deposit with PayPal. After a confirmation e-mail, the customer is then contacted by the dealer to define the final stages of the purchase, as well as delivery times and methods.

Using Suzuki Smart Buy allows you to take advantage of all ongoing promotional campaigns and benefit from an additional advantage.

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast and are you thinking of trying a Suzuki?

The moment has come. The Customer can secure the test ride by booking it on the Suzuki website. It will only take a minute. To fix the appointment, simply click on “try it” on the home page or on the page dedicated to the single model, identify the available area dealership and send the request by filling out the appropriate online form. The selected Suzuki dealer will contact the Customer without obligation to confirm the request.

With this procedure, each operation is streamlined and organized and you can be sure of receiving all the necessary assistance in order to have all the information aimed at best appreciating all the qualities of the Suzuki vehicle.

The tests will take place within the times agreed with the dealer and allowed by the various regional regulatory provisions.

A direct line with the customer

During the lockdown period, a large part of the sales network joined the #Suzukiportechiusetelefoniaperti initiative by making a mobile number available to the public eager to interface with the Suzuki world via WhatsApp. This service continues to be operational and anyone can use it to send messages. On the other hand, you will find a person available to integrate the information published on the internet and to give concrete support in case of any need. The same person in charge is also able to provide explanations in view of any future purchases.

All the initiatives launched by Suzuki testify to the traditional attention to the customer of the Hamamatsu company, which today makes the most of the potential of the most modern technologies. It is also thanks to them that Suzuki favors and speeds up the return to a serene normality and a carefree life, in the spirit of the typical Suzuki Way of Life spirit of freedom!

For more information visit Suzuki Motorbike.

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