Stylmartin Colorado - the motorcycle shoe for the summer

The new Stylmartin proposal has the colors of the American deserts and is designed for the hot season.

stylmartin colorado motorcycle scooter summer shoe

Summer is coming and Stylmartin offers a comfortable shoe for the hot season on motorcycles: Colorado, the protective and breathable sneaker.

For those who habitually use motorcycle o scooter and who is looking for a shoe that is comfortable and stylish when he gets off the saddle, Colorado is the perfect solution.

Made in leather, the sole is equipped with a non-slip grip particularly effective and there is no shortage of malleolar protections for ankle safety. Plus the sneaker is CE EN 13634: 2017 certified.

The upper is made of cowhide flanked by micro-perforated suede areas on the outside. The interior promotes breathability and comfort, thanks to the quick absorption / desorption microfiber lining and the micro-perforated anatomic insole.

Despite the appearance of a traditional sneaker, let's not forget that Colorado is designed to protect the foot of those traveling on motorcycles and scooters: protections are present on both sides on the malleolus (internal in PU) and in the shift area in tone-on-tone leather.
Retail price: 149 €.

Ph. Credits (Stylmartin)